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Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) Announces they are OTC Current


Gourmet Provisions International Corporation (OTC Pink: GMPR) today announced they have made all of their filings and have been listed as Pink Current on the OTC. On November 22nd, Gourmet Provisions International posted their strong 3rd quarterly financial statement and was approved by the OTC, and lifted to Pink Current.

James Vowler President & CEO of Gourmet Provisions International Corp. stated, “Over the next few months we plan on putting out a steady amount of press releases informing our shareholders of the exciting value-added accomplishments we are achieving. It is a very exciting time for our company with the acquisition of Black Rock Steak house locations, launch of our new Pizza Fusion gluten-free pizzas, $4 million+ in pre NASDAQ funding commitments, Gourmet Pancakes selling out, Jose Madrid Salsa in 150+ retail outlets, PopsyCakes partnership with a million-dollar candy company, huge school lunch program in Florida, new nationwide product distribution, international sales, NASDAQ qualifying Bank on board $15 million in commitments, audited financials and uplist to NASDAQ, just to name a few. ”

About Gourmet Provisions International Corporation:

Gourmet Provisions International Corp. brought on Jack Brewer as GMPR’s Brand Ambassador & Brewer Media & Entertainment Group in October of 2017. Brewer Media Group was brought on to help build all aspects of the many Gourmet brands. With a primary focus on the increase of online and retail sales, social media presence and overall content, public persona, and awareness acquire acquisition opportunities and much more. The company has five wholly-owned subsidiaries Jose Madrid Salsa, Pizza Fusion, Unique Tap House, Unique Foods CBD Edibles & PopsyCakes and has a Licensing agreement with Christopher Street Products.

Gourmet Provisions International has also developed a partnership with a NY Times Best Selling Author & Popular Comedian to help establish and launch a Gourmet line of food products starting with his own personal line of Pancake Mix & Syrup all under his custom brand (exciting full details coming in a press release soon).

Pizza Fusion Gourmet Provisions International Corp. acquired the multi-award-winning Pizza Fusion brand, with existing locations in the US & Saudi Arabia, in March 2019. In 2006, Pizza Fusion changed the pizza industry with its award-winning organic, gluten-free delicious healthy pizzas, with a big emphasis on every product and location keeping to the company’s motto ‘Saving the Earth one Pizza at a Time!’.

GMPR announced in July the launch of three Gourmet restaurant-quality frozen pizzas under the Pizza Fusion brand and is now selling in 60+ grocery stores in the Midwest:

The “Four Cheese” Pizza starts with our custom rich tomato sauce made from premium quality tomatoes & extra virgin olive oil, topped with real Mozzarella, Romano, savory Asiago, and our hearty Parmesan cheeses all of this baked on top of OGGI Foods award-winning, custom, gluten-free Spinach Crust;

The “Founders Pie” Pizza is topped with our custom made pizza sauce, extra virgin olive oil, Oregano, Basil, real Mozzarella, Romano, Asiago & Parmesan cheeses, imported cherry tomatoes from Italy, diced red onions, fresh spinach on top of OGGI Foods custom gluten-free Broccoli Crust;

The Vegan” Pizza is what is for dinner if your family is looking for a restaurant-quality, healthy, gluten-free vegan pizza, our new “The Vegan” pizza checks all of the boxes! This scrumptious pizza comes with our fresh tomato sauce, imported from Italy Grilled & Fire Roasted Zucchini, Eggplant, Red & Yellow Peppers, diced White Onions & Tomatoes, Beyond Meat Plant-based Beef & Sausage Crumbles, topped with our signature Vegan Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheeses, all of this deliciousness on top of OGGI Foods custom gluten-free hand-stretched Beets Crust.

PopsyCakes “The First & Only Cupcake on a Pretzel” debuted their new PopsyBites on Fox News Channel’s popular show “The Five” and the new bite-size gourmet treat has been a big hit ever since in retail. The company signed a 50/50 partnership deal with a Pittsburgh-based $16 million annual Candy Company that can handle nationwide production and distribution (more details being announced soon).

Christopher Street Products “Supporting the LGBT Community” sold out 15+ Unique products in HomeGoods, Wine Enthusiasts Magazine rated the Christopher Street Cabernet Sauvignon an outstanding 90, added distribution through Winelife Distributors NYC. Gourmet Provisions is partnering with a world-renowned cosmetic manufacturer to produce an exclusive line of high-end lipstick(exciting full details in a press release soon).

Jose Madrid Salsa “The Healthy Fundraiser” has continued to dominate in the fundraising category, expanded its Ohio offices & production facility, recently purchased a custom delivery vehicle, and will be expanding into 100+ retail outlets throughout the US & Canada.

Black Rock Bar & Grill (GMPR has signed a letter of intent to purchase 6 Black Rock Bar & Grill locations)

Where the Sizzle all Began

It all started on October 27, 2010, in Hartland, Michigan, a small town in a very tightly bonded community.

Black Rock Bar & Grill opened its doors and brought with it a dining experience unlike any other. By pairing family recipes, a 755-degree volcanic stone, and a love for food, the Morganroth family knew they were a perfect fit for the restaurant industry; however, they had no prior restaurant experience, working only off their dream of what Black Rock could become.

With a very determined family and help from the community, Black Rock grew into something remarkable. Voted the #1 steakhouse in Michigan for three consecutive years, the family in 2013 entered a nationwide competition to be named “America’s Next Top Restaurant Franchise” and won first place! Today, Black Rock is expanding across the nation. We are homegrown, and soon to be nationally known.

Steak COOKED TO perfection BY YOU

Welcome to Black Rock Bar & Grill, an award-winning steakhouse specializing in Certified Angus Beef ® steaks served and cooked to perfection by you on a 755-degree volcanic sizzling rock. Our concept ensures that every bite is just as hot and juicy as the first, and is always cooked just the way you like it!

This method of cooking is the newest phenomenon in the culinary world. It creates a memorable dining experience, making Black Rock the ideal restaurant for special occasions, as well as for everyday dining with friends and family.


Visit Black Rock Bar & Grill website: https://www.blackrockrestaurants.com/


Gourmet Provisions International Corp: http://www.GourmetProvisionsInternational.com



Himalaya Technologies, Inc. (OTC: HMLA; “Himalaya”) and GenBio, Inc. (“GenBio”) have agreed to a 19.9% share exchange and a collaboration on a range of products including canned beverages formulated to boost the immune system, address inflammation, and add to overall health, wellness and human longevity. The investment follows on the heels of Himalaya’s parent Company FOMO CORP.’s (OTC: FOMC) cash investment in GenBio earlier this year.

The immune system booster market is expected to witness market growth at a rate of 7%+ in the forecast period of 2021-2028 and is further estimated to reach USD $31+ billion by 2028. With the most recent outbreaks of the Delta and Omicron variants of the COVID-19 virus, which are leading to a winter surge and a new wave of lockdowns and restrictions in the U.S and abroad, the need for natural alternatives to aid in boosting the immune system could not be higher or timelier, in management’s view. Specific proprietary extracts are expected to form key components in any future formulations to assist in combatting inflammation, regulating inflammatory responses, and assisting in optimizing the immune system. GenBio brings a vast catalog of unknown native and rare extracts and decades of key experience and intellectual property. GenBio is currently in the discovery stage of their Investigative New Drug Program (“IND”) estimated to represent a $191 billion potential global market.

As part of Himalaya’s health and wellness incubation strategy, Himalaya has agreed to assist GenBio with their funding needs to rapidly move into the next phase of their initiatives. Himalaya intends to fund a formulation and distribution of a health and wellness drink to be called “FOMO” can, among other brands, to target this opportunity in addition to offering powder, honey, and liquid droplet versions of the product. Distribution is being arranged with industry-leading executives.

Giles Tilley, GenBio CEO, stated that “these unfamiliar extracts are largely unknown in the U.S. market yet have been extensively studied in Australia and have already been subject to rigorous scientific evaluation and peer-reviewed publications.” Some have also been brought to the U.S. for further review and as yet are under confidential research, with ground-breaking new discoveries as to their potential to advance human longevity. The timing is paramount, with a real need for all the world to boost their immune systems during the ongoing, persistent pandemic.”

Tilley said further: “Our new relationship with Himalaya Technologies as envisioned, will give us an immediate leg up on the commercialization of our breakthrough nutraceutical formulas. These are important, potentially life-changing products aimed at vast natural healthcare markets. We have a strong background in the early formulation and development of rare and unknown bioactive extracts. Himalaya brings a whole new dimension to our business through their funding capabilities with access to capital markets, as well as sales and marketing channels which are underway. We are well aligned to complement the Himalaya business model and foresee tremendous and rapid progress as our new venture launches, along with a lucrative partnership.”

GenBio researches natural products and molecules that act on neural pathways to suppress inflammation. These active compounds decrease obesity-induced abdominal fat pads, blood pressure, fatty liver, and insulin resistance. Other natural extracts demonstrate anti-inflammatory properties that will target infiltration of inflammatory cells, in part caused by diet, which increases organ and tissue damage including increased collagen deposition. Targeting such mechanisms is expected to assist in boosting the human immune system and promoting good health and longevity. The use of proprietary ingredients, using the latest international research and quality control procedures and new manufacturing technology, is envisioned to enable the company to design and licensing an entirely new range of bespoke health care products for the market.

Said Vik Grover, CEO: “The world needs new means of fighting the pandemic. I see GenBio, and our planned rollout of canned anti-inflammatory products under the FOMO brand, as an innovative path to add one more arsenal to humankind’s war against COVID and other diseases.”

GenBio, Inc. (https://genbioinc.com/) aims to create, through its IND Drug program, the next generation of anti-inflammatory drugs with the intention to disrupt the projected $191 billion+ anti-inflammatory drug market. GenBio, in addition, has access to a vast catalog of natural herbs, extracts, superfoods, and functional food ingredients that can and will be formulated and licensed out to create a range of new nutraceuticals to aid in boosting the human immune system and promoting good health and longevity.

About Himalaya Technologies, Inc.

Himalaya Technologies, Inc. a/k/a Homeland Resources Ltd. (OTC: HMLA) is an Internet incubator making growth investments. The Company currently owns KANAB CORP., owner and operator of Kanab Club (https://www.kanab.club/), a cannabis social network, and has a 19.9% minority investment in GenBio, Inc., a provider of nutraceutical products targeting anti-inflammatory and reduced blood pressure applications, among others. The Company aspires to create a global health and wellness community offering consumer products and services based on information and proprietary supplements that address anti-inflammatory solutions for the world as well as indoor agriculture offerings.