Wall Street Signals: Blow & Drive Interlock Corp - OTCQB: $BDIC

Blow & Drive Interlock Corp - OTCQB: $BDIC

‪#‎BDIC‬ Is the only NHTSA approved company that is publicly traded and manufactures, installs, monitors, and distributes Ignition Interlock Devices (IID's) in their sector and in the rapidly growing Ignition Interlock industry. To understand just how fast this market is growing, you have to look at the numbers. As of fall 2015, all 50 states have some kind of ignition interlock device law. But only 24 require ignition interlocks for first time offenders with a .08 or higher blood alcohol content (BAC). There's 14 additional states that require ignition interlocks for first time offenders with BACs at higher levels (in most cases .15 or higher). Ignition interlocks following a second conviction are required in 7 states and, 5 states and the District of Columbia have other types of ignition interlock programs.http://www.blowanddrive.com/