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LMDCF Lingo Media

Lingo Media ‪#‎LMDCF‬ Going After Their Share Of A 50 Billion Dollar A Year Market. With 1 in 7 people worldwide learning English all at the same time (That's Over 1 Billion People) ‪#‎LingoMediaCorp‬. #LMDCF is primed to capture their share of the market that has made Rosetta Stone Inc. (RST) not only a household name but a company generating annual revenues in excess of 261,000,000 Dollars. Lingo Media is an EdTech company that is 'Changing the way the world learns English' through the combination of education with technology. The Company is focused on online and print-based technologies and solutions through its two distinct business units: ELL Technologies and Lingo Learning. ELL Technologies is a global English language learning online training and assessment company creating new learning platforms.

Lingo Learning is a print-based publisher of English language learning programs in China. Lingo Media has formed successful relationships with key government and industry organizations, establishing a strong presence in China's education market of more than 300 million students. The Company is extending its global reach, with an initial market expansion into Latin America and continues to expand its product offerings and technology applications.

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