Wall Street Signals: SinglePoint Enters Advanced Discussions to Acquire Sports Fantasy Enterprise; Courted by Leading Funders in the Sector

SinglePoint Enters Advanced Discussions to Acquire Sports Fantasy Enterprise; Courted by Leading Funders in the Sector

Seattle, WA (NEWSBLASTSTOCKTIPS – November 24th, 2015) – SinglePoint Inc. (OTC: SING) announces today great strides in its previously announced sports fantasy roll up acquisition strategy.  SinglePoint has received tremendous response from Sports Fantasy Groups since the announcement last week that Sports guru Darren Heitner and his Dynasty Dealings are working with SinglePoint to identify and negotiate acquisition targets in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sector toward an overall roll up merger.
Dynasty is a Sports Consulting company that works to revolutionize the sports and entertainment industries and it has already secured advanced discussions with a potential acquisition target with whom SinglePoint now has an NDA and initial terms toward a win-win negotiation.
Lambrecht comments, “We couldn’t be more impressed with Darren’s influence and reach in this unique sector.  It was our hope to secure tangible targets in the near term, but within the first week has exceeded our own expectations. I’m thrilled with the prospect of shareholders owning a piece of this world.  SinglePoint’s mobile technology is a perfect match for the sports fantasy industry. We are cultivating something here toward exponential shareholder value in a sector I believe is both exciting and profitable.”
Recent legislative moves, such as the Cease and Desist by New York Attorney General to multi-million dollar companies DraftKings and FanDuel have caused some to wonder about the viability of the industry, but the SinglePoint Board of Directors are confident that though this may end up affecting a handful of states, its nothing but good news in regards to the roll up strategy.
“Companies are looking for alternatives, flexibility,” states Lambrecht.  “Moving the companies into a public entity like SinglePoint gives them the upside in an exit strategy many may be seeking and this is reflected in our conversations with acquisition candidates.  I am confident that DFS will continue to thrive legally and the Board is willing to make that bet accordingly toward increased shareholder value. The data capture in DFS membership information alone will be a worthwhile asset SinglePoint regardless of the overall future of the industry.”
Many bills propose to allow DFS to be under the oversight of the State Gaming Commissions, such as Senator Michael Ranzenhofer’s bill in New York, which seeks to exempt DFS from the Gambling Code.
Ranzenhoffer stated in an accompanied press release:  “Time and time again, New York has stood in the way, whether by over-regulation or outright banning, of activities that are legal and enjoyed in most states across the country,” said Ranzenhofer. “This bill further protects the rights of businesses and individuals who wish to engage in this type of commerce in the state of New York.”
As well, in conjunction with the success SinglePoint has in discussions with valued targets, it has been approached by one of the Leading Funding entities in the Daily Sports Fantasy sector toward providing the capital necessary to negotiate a substantial stake in the DFS universe.

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