Wall Street Signals: Acology Releases Prelim Results of Clinical Trials

Acology Releases Prelim Results of Clinical Trials

CORONA, CA--(Marketwired - December 07, 2015)  Acology Inc.
(OTC PINK: ACOL) announced today that preliminary results from 90 day clinical trials in the hospice and palliative care industries are very positive, with care givers reporting that its signature product, The MedTainer™, provides a perfect platform for patients who have trouble swallowing whole medications. The first set of reports indicates that meds are easily and efficiently ground and administered. Geriatricians, who are increasingly aware of and enthusiastically supporting the use of MedTainers for their patients, are predicting that this unique device will have a serious and wide-reaching niche in the growing, multi-billion dollar home health care market.
In addition, Acology developers have announced that they believe the MedTainer, as it is currently manufactured and made available nation-wide, has anticipated potential Federal Guidelines for compliant packaging that will be necessary in the medical and recreational marijuana industries. Even though guidelines for the industry have not been set, the fact that The MedTainer is manufactured in the United States from FDA approved #5 polypropylene, as well as being certified child-resistant, smell-proof and water-proofis merely the start of potential compliance. The product can also be color-coded, properly labeled and potentially micro-chipped for identification and information. The MedTainer is certain to increase in demand as more states approve the use of marijuana in 2016. There is a growing belief that once the tide of approval becomes evident, the Federal Guidelines for packaging will be published. The MedTainer is in a unique position to instantly fill those regulations.
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