Wall Street Signals: AIM Exploration Announces Appointment of Dr. Carlos Arias Eguiguren to the Board of Directors

AIM Exploration Announces Appointment of Dr. Carlos Arias Eguiguren to the Board of Directors

AIM Exploration Inc. (OTCQB: AEXE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Carlos Arias Eguiguren to its board of directors. Dr. Arias, 53, has sustained a long and distinguished career in the mining industry throughout the world. Dr. Arias is also a lawyer specializing in mining law. He was formally educated in Ecuador where he received a law degree in 1989 and later a doctorate in law in 2000. He received his Master’s Degree in International Business Legal Studies (IBLS) in 1993 from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, followed by a diploma in transactional contracts from the International Development Law Institute in Rome, Italy that same year.
Dr. Arias is a former Director of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Mines, serving terms in 1996-1998 and 2001-2005. He has served with several mining companies and has been responsible for important mining projects pertaining to acquisition and development. From 1993-1995, Dr. Arias served as President of Ecuadorian Minerals Corporation (now International Minerals) and was charged with the acquisition and consolidation of the Gaby and Rio Blanco (formerly San Luis) mining projects. From 2001-2004, he served as General Manager of Aurelian Resources, where he was responsible for the acquisition of the La Zarza mining project and the consolidation of 35 concessions into a single 90,000-hectare project. From 2000-2008, Dr. Arias served as General Manager of Avalanche Resources, where he was instrumental in acquiring ten mining concessions in Ecuador and the Alto El Toro gold project in Colombia.
Currently, Dr. Arias serves as Vice President and Director of Fort St. James Nickel Corp. of British Colombia; General Manager of Lateegra Ecuador S.A.; associate of Investbank Corp.; and Executive Director for the Andean Region of OIS & Associates. Additionally, he maintains a busy legal practice, serving as advisor to many corporations.
The Company’s Board of Directors looks to take advantage of Dr. Arias’ knowledge and experiences, particularly in Peru, where he has aided projects in the provinces of Pataz, Pallasca, Piura, and El Oro. He was an invited to speak at the World Mining Conferences in 2012 and 2013. Dr. Arias is fluent in English and Spanish.
J.R. (Bob) Todhunter, the company’s CEO, stated, “We are extremely excited to welcome Dr. Arias to the Aim Exploration team and to our board of directors. His knowledge and working relationships will be instrumental in structuring and finalizing the labor and logistics plans necessary to complete our first delivery of coal to Prina Energy and then to continue those processes with our ongoing delivery commitments.”
“I am highly honored to accept the invitation to join this prestigious company as a member of the Board of Directors”, stated Dr. Arias, “I believe AIM Exploration’s mining projects have a great potential and I am looking forward to contributing with my years of work experience. I feel that my own professional desires and goals are very much in line with that of Aim Exploration.”
AIM Exploration Inc. (AEXE) operates as a junior mining company focused on global mining, exploration and production. Further Information on our projects can be found at www.aimexploration.com and followed athttps://twitter.com/aimexploration.
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AIM Exploration Inc. (AEXE) is a Nevada headquartered company with an operational office in Manila City, Philippines and Lima Peru. AIM operates as a junior mining company focusing on global mining, exploration and production. The company currently has two existing projects, a 40% interest in a Feldspar mine and production plant located in the Philippines and 100% ownership of an Anthracite coal project located in Peru. The Feldspar mine is currently producing and is currently undergoing upgrades for expanded production. The operation is controlled by Paladino Mining and Development Corp. The Anthracite Coal project, AIM owns and controls through its wholly owned subsidiary Aim Exploration SA. It is considered to be high grade Anthracite Coal mining properties in the Alto Chicama basin, in the province of Otuzco in Peru.
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