Wall Street Signals: IFBC Signs Agreement With Campagna Amica

IFBC Signs Agreement With Campagna Amica

Italian Food & Beverage Corp. (OTC PINK: IFBC)
IFBC and The Foundation Campagna Amica have signed an agreement to position as many as 1,036 food stands inside various markets throughout those cities in Italy where Campagna Amica has a presence. As noted in a previous press release, The Campagna Amica Foundation was founded in 2008 to carry out initiatives to fully emphasize and promote the value and dignity of Italian agriculture. The Foundation supports Italian agriculture via the following: produce sales, environmental sustainability, and tourism. Situated in more than 7000 locations throughout Italy and the rest of Europe, Campagna Amica is the first national and European network of direct agricultural sales.
As part of the agreement, IFBC will be serving Campagna Amica food and agricultural products, exclusively, and all within their natural state. Strictly shunning the use of preservatives, dyes or GMOs of any kind, IFBC will sell soups, fried pizza, fried fish and an assortment of other foods.
In the process, IFBC’s will employ laboratories for the creation of its foods under the guidance of an expert chef. Using a highly reputable and expert booking company, IFBC will situate its food stands in those favorable locations which are at their disposal.
Lorenzo Buffi, President of IFBC, stated, “I personally would like to thank Campagna Amica for this great opportunity. Our quality Italian food will serve to foster the fine culinary reputation that Italy has enjoyed for centuries. Supplemented by our 100 plus food stands at The Vatican Jubilee, we are enthusiastically expecting sizeable revenue increases in the months to come.”
About Italian Food & Beverage Corp. (formerly Blast Applications, Inc.)
Italian Food & Beverage Corp. (formerly Blast Applications, Inc.) was a marketer and developer of cell phone applications for Android, iPhone®, Twitter® Facebook® and Nokia for purposes of monetizing a web surfer’s dedication to social media sites through direct advertising programs tied to the Company’s tools, applications and website — www.blastapplications.com. Through its acquisition of Italian Food & Beverage Corp., a Nevada corporation, and the latter’s subsidiaries, it is now in the business of manufacturing, exporting, importing, selling and distributing wine and various food products.
Its website is now http://ifbcorp.com/
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