Wall Street Signals: Priority Aviation Inc. Announces License of Personal Fertility Assistant Product and Technology

Priority Aviation Inc. Announces License of Personal Fertility Assistant Product and Technology

Priority Aviation Inc. (OTCPINK:PJET) today announced that it had entered into a memorandum of understanding to license and further develop the Personal Fertility Assistant product, previously known as Ovucon,  and related technology from Israeli entrepreneur Simon Dotan.
The MOU was entered into by PJET’s newly formed subsidiary Q Technologies LLC. The license is for a period of three years to use sell and distribute Ovucon. Should certain milestones be achieved during the three-year period the license will become permanent.
The purchase price consisted of a $200,000 convertible note, options on five percent (5%) of PJET’s shares at a price of 150% of the closing price on the date of execution of a formal contract, as well as payment of royalties from product sales.
The parties will work side by side to further develop the product with Q Technologies investing in such development. Each side shall receive financial credits for its investments. The parties intend to enter into a formal contract as soon as practicable.
The product is a series of personal and professional devices that monitor the female fertility cycle, enabling identification of ovulation, fertile days and infertile days (“safe days”). The Ovucon method, which provides unparalleled accuracy and wealth of information compared to other existing OTC / home use methods in the field, is envisioned to become the gold standard for in-home fertility monitoring and subsequently the first tier of fertility treatment and pregnancy assistance.
Commenting on this agreement Board Member Arnon Epstein commented, “PJET is fortunate to have been able to come to terms on this exciting and innovative product. PJET by joining forces with Ovucom, we hope will provide for the resources to fully develop this incredible technology. Substantial capital and development has already gone into developing Ovucon.”
The Company had previously reported in its filings that it was searching for a new business in the technology sector, with a focus on technology created in Israel. Israel has earned a reputation as being a leader in technology incubation.
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