Wall Street Signals: The Medtainer Is Smoking The Competition. Out Of The Bag And Into The Bottle.

The Medtainer Is Smoking The Competition. Out Of The Bag And Into The Bottle.

I find it incredibly interesting how important expressing themselves is to pot smokers with their smoking utensil and style! Having traveled far and wide I've seen every imaginable way to smoke marijuana from glass bowls, water pipes, blunts, joints and on and on. People's choice of a smoking instrument is as unique as the people that are smoking and it's accepted that your pipe is an extension of who you are as a person. For example I used to know a girl who was a professional diver and her pipe was in the shape of the shark. I'm a Joint man myself but the point is that as a smoking demographic, we have found a "piece" that represents us and almost none of them are the same. We are all different except for one constancy; The one thing that has remained consistent is what people have traditionally carried their stash in Baggies.

Plastic sandwich baggies are the one staple that we have all accepted and although there are people who have used jars and other creative means of storing and carrying cannabis we have generally just used the supplier packaging up until now. Today the ease of purchase and legalization or at least decriminalization, has brought our plant "Out Of The Bag And Into The Bottle" and with it a new staple for our smoking pleasure is becoming another way that we can express ourselves.

Individualizing our containers is becoming big business for manufacturers and engineers have come up with some pretty cool products. So I wanted to see who has the best container product and so I set out to try several types of container to make a call on which on I wanted. As a pragmatist by heart, I want a bottle that is defiantly smell proof and has a plain or otherwise basic style but like my cell phone cases I might find something that has a "funky" side too so I bought three bottles and here is what I found.

The first bottle that I tried was 500 ML air tight bottle from Herb Preserve. Sleek style and it's smell proof so that's exactly what I was looking for but like Henry Ford once said " you can have it in any color you want as long as it's black". Not a lot of creativity or self expression there so it was on to the next.

The next bottle that I tried was the Tight Vac which I found through Vaporizer Galaxy. Again the bottle that I got was sleek and air tight which it means that it's smell proof and the top was extremely easy to use. When you push the cap down it sucks out all the air and creates a vacuum. When you want to open it you just push a little button the top and there you have it, simple.

Last I bought a Medtainer by Acology Inc, which is a publicly traded company (OTCMKTS:ACOL), I found a slim 20 dram container in a marble design. It's smell proof, water proof like the first two but the Medtainer has several features that the other bottle products did not. The first is that it comes in a child resistant cap like you find on prescription bottles so as a dad I especially like that because in the very slim and off chance it get found by the kiddys, they'll have a tough time finding what they shouldn't. The second feature that the Medtainer by ACOL has is a game changer for me and every one who smoke pot. It has a built in grinder!

When you can store, grind and carry your pot from your pocket it's a winning product and for that reason I'm recommending the Medtainer by Acology Inc. (OTCMKTS:ACOL) over any of the other bottles that I tried. It has a great selection of colors and logo's, it comes in two sizes and most important it has features. Child resistant, water tight, air tight with a built in grinder.

So design or buy the one that expresses you the most at www.buymedtainer.com and store, grind and our your plants! Until next time smoke it if you got it.

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