Wall Street Signals: $GRNBF GreenBank Capital Inc.(CSE:GBC)

$GRNBF GreenBank Capital Inc.(CSE:GBC)

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Crypto Currency is the most significant technological breakthrough to impact the financial world since the Internet.“The question is no longer whether crypto currency will survive, but how it will evolve and when it will reach maturity” (PricewaterhouseCooper Report Understanding the Evolving Crypto Currency Market August 2015)

Everyone is looking for new ways to accelerate commerce in the digital-everything era.   

Consumers want to buy while they’re shopping online—without the hassles of constantly entering credit card or bank information, and without the related transaction costs.   
Merchants want faster, more reliable ways to pay and be paid—without the fees and restrictions imposed by banks. Merchants also want an expanded customer base by accessing the “unbanked” community.  
The “unbanked,” of whom there are 1.5 billion people worldwide, want a fast, secure payment option that doesn’t require an account at a financial services institution.   

Yet today, the flow of commerce is still constrained by traditional payment processes that impose onerous restrictions, fees, requirements, and delays on transactions. The rise of alternative payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal and in mobile payments has diluted the banking system domination of payment systems, however all these alternatives ultimately rely on traditional financial institutions to process transactions.   

GreenCoinX is the Anti-Bitcoin. It has solved all the Bitcoin flaws. It has created the GreenCoinX ecosystem that meets the highest anticipated regulatory standards, so that as regulations are introduced GreenCoinX will already be in compliance.