Wall Street Signals: The Future of Digital Currency, GreenCoinX Developed by GreenBank Capital, Inc.

The Future of Digital Currency, GreenCoinX Developed by GreenBank Capital, Inc.

Uptick is always looking for strong companies to evaluate and bring to readers. Today is no exception, with GreenBank Capital, Inc. (OTC: GRNBF, CSE: GBC) (“The Company”) developers of the world’s first identifiable crypto currency GreenCoinX. Use of this digital currency requires email and phone identification before a transaction is initiated, digital currency is stored or mining and generating activities commence.
GreenCoinX takes away the anonymity presented by other forms of digital currencies, as it also provides a taxable form of digital currency. “GreenCoinX, which has XGC as its digital currency identifier, is flexible and modifiable such that the government of each country can decide what identification rules they require for a GreenCoinX transaction and what country specific taxes should be attached to each transaction… GreenCoinX has commenced negotiations with worldwide governmental authorities to establish the taxation and identification parameters that each country requires.” With the legitimacy presented by the GreenCoinX it is no surprise that the Isle of Man welcomed it to its shores.
The Company announced in October 2015 that it would be establishing operations in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK said, “We welcome the decision by GreenCoinX to establish its operations in the Isle of Man which reinforces our position as leading the way in the digital currency sector.” The Company’s statement regarding hiring 18 to 20 employees along with appointing ex-banker Alan Molloy as CEO for its Isle of Man operations gives a clear indication for continued growth. Laurence Skelly MHK, Isle of Man Minister for Economic Development said, “GreenCoinX has the potential to make a significant difference in the digital currency arena and the Isle of Man Government is very supportive of any organization that has aspirations such as this, as it matches our own ambitions in terms of high standards and rapid growth.”
Additionally, the Company has appointed a talented advisory board headed by Chairman, David M. Lonsdale, a director of GreenBank and GreenCoinX and CEO of Lonsdale Group to assist in the further development of GreenCoinX. The board members bring together technological, telecom, corporate, financial, marketing and entrepreneurial experience.
It is undeniable that GreenBank has created a legitimate digital currency in GreenCoinX. Beyond creating an identifiable, taxable crypto currency, it has already dealt with the issue of price stability. The Company noted in September that it instituted a currency band that will restrict “how much the price can move relative to a reference currency or a basket of currencies… The GreenCoinX Treasury function will act as a price stability mechanism as any price movement beyond the confines of the band within a specified time will lead to intervention.”  GreenCoinX users access an online wallet atwww.xgcwallet.org to use the currency, and also a corresponding XGC Mobile Wallet available for Android devices at present with the Apple version currently under review per the Company.
Check out the Android app here.
Overall, GreenBank has presented investors with an excellent opportunity to become a part of the growth of GreenCoinX. With strong management, a talented and renowned advisory board along with the technology and forethought in place to make GreenCoinX a world leader in crypto currency, Uptick is looking forward to considerable growth going forward stemming from GreenCoinX for the Company. Continue checking back with Uptick for further information regarding GreenBank Capital, Inc and GreenCoinX.
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