Wall Street Signals: $OCEE was at $6.00 at one point and is as of today at .15 cents! Get in on the action while it is still low

$OCEE was at $6.00 at one point and is as of today at .15 cents! Get in on the action while it is still low

Nevis Capital Corporation (OTC: $OCEE)
$OCEE was at $6.00 at one point and is as of today at .15 cents! Get in on the action while it is still low. Nevis Capital moving forward is in a pyridine shift to accumulate companies with revenue. No more Oil & Gas, No more Gaming Business. #OCEE is accumulating Real Companies with Real Revenue!

Nevis Capital’s goal is to be involved with companies that have a great growth potential that will enhance shareholder values. Management believes Uptick Newswire shows a tremendous amount of potential.  With the acquisition, Nevis will own 36% of UPTICK Newswire, LLC, a Limited Liability Company, and would become a member of the LLC enjoying the benefits of a member/owner. This acquisition is the start to a pyridine shift that will start a chain effect to produce positive income revenue on the balance sheet for OCEE.   President of Nevis Capital, Keith Alexander stated, “Our goal is to add value to Nevis Capital. The objective in acquiring Uptick is to increase our asset value as well as generating revenue.  By utilizing their Social Media platforms, they have the capability to expose the Company in certain arenas that we are not too keen in. Moving forward, I am looking forward to our relationship together.”

With the Uptick publicity added to the Company’s efforts put forth, Uptick can start to bring additional exposure in the arenas that is not necessarily the main expertise Nevis Capital is known for.
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