Wall Street Signals: Equus (NYSE: EQS) Offers Unique Exposure For Value Investors

Equus (NYSE: EQS) Offers Unique Exposure For Value Investors

The Equus Total Return Fund is a BDC, one of the smallest, trading on the New York Stock Exchange as a closed end fund.

The fund was first launched in the mid ‘80’s and is one of the earliest BDC’s to incorporate. As a BDC it has a unique approach to investing; it focuses on smaller, earlier stage business than the average. 

Another unique feature is its size, about $36 million, invested among 5 portfolio companies. This is done primarily through subsidiaries but also through direct investment. 
The portfolio is diversified across a number of sectors, including energy, media, technology, financial and industry.

5th Element Tracking, LLC is a technology holding company headquartered in Boston, it holds controlling interest in several companies including Spectrum Management, LLC of Dallas, TX.
Equus Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary whose purpose is investment in the energy sector. To date the fund has invested just over $7 million, primarily in oil and gas wells leased to major operators.
Equus Media Development (EMDC) is another wholly owned subsidiary, its purpose is to pursue investment in the entertainment arena.
MVC Capital is another BDC traded on the NYSE, part of potential merger plans with Equus.
Pallet One, Inc is one of the largest manufacturer of shipping pallets in the US. It operates in 11 states with 16 facilities.

The fund has been able to maintain NAV over the long term despite the past few years of global financial uncertainty. At last report net asset value was $2.94, down only -1% from the previous quarter but up 2.8% year-over-year.

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