Wall Street Signals: FutureLand Corp (FUTL)

FutureLand Corp (FUTL)

Our Approach

$FUTL FutureLand Properties, LLC, a Colorado company, is a cannabis and hemp land leasing company formed to capitalize upon the emerging global cannabis market. FutureLand, focuses on target acquisition, zoning, license fulfillment, site plan preparation and financing of cannabis or hemp grow facilities throughout the United States. FutureLand leases to both medical marijuana, retail marijuana and industrial hemp growers. FutureLand is also in the process of owning and operating cultivation centers with an eye for both dispensary, and extraction facilties. FutureLand owns 240 acres in southern Colorado where two projects are already underway. FutureLand also owns 50% of 78 acres in southern Oregon where we are implementing our first cannabis grow facility. FutureLand is exploring many possibilities all across the continental United States and beyond to further its business model at this current time. Funding, Leasing, and Site Set Up. We provide the land and facilities based on client needs and we take care of the licensing, approvals, site plans, facilities, supplies and equipment.


We will own and operate grow facilities through strategic partnerships and wholly owned subsidiaries.


The retail vertical is an important part of where FutureLand wants to go as a company. Naturally, we want to produce cannabis and sell the product wholesale, but capturing the retail component will heavily increase potential revenue projections so FutureLand intends to enter this market shortly.


The extract market is one of the most exciting branches of the industry. It is also going to become one of the most primary aspects. For this reason, FutureLand intends to go after infused licenses in states we are doing business in order to capitalize on the upcoming boom, and solidify our role in the chain. Not to mention, safeguarding the wholesale end of our business model. Estimates suggest perhaps as much as 70% of flower may end up in the hands of extraction companies.