Wall Street Signals: February 20th 2018 - The Best Investment for 2018 is Progressive Care (RXMD)

February 20th 2018 - The Best Investment for 2018 is Progressive Care (RXMD)

It is very rare to find a stock like Progressive Care (RXMD) trading at such a low level! It is THE #1 stock to buy right now, the most undervalued stock in America!

Currently trading at a deep discount under 6 cents a share, analysts believe the fair value of the company should be over 50 cents plus a share!

Progressive Care (RXMD) has gone from generating $9 million in revenues in 2013 to $20 million in 2017, all from one store! This tells you that management knows how to source different revenue streams, all while making money. As they expand, this will easily become a $100 million revenue company with 3 or 4 stores. Progressive Care (RXMD) will continue to gain efficiencies that will enhance the bottom line, and the share price is only going to keep rising!

With Amazon (AMZN) now entering the online pharmaceutical/healthcare market, Progressive Care (RXMD) is already two steps ahead and well on it's way to BEATING AMAZON AND BECOMING THE LARGEST ONLINE PHARMACY AND HEALTHCARE SERVICES COMPANY!

On February 15th 2018 Progressive Care (RXMD) announced that its retail pharmacy will officially begin accepting Bitcoin payments. Customers that choose to pay using Bitcoin will undergo a similar payment process as customers using credit cards or online payment processing platforms such as Paypal. Progressive Care (RXMD) continues evolving both operationally and technologically making it one of the few pharmacies in the country enabling systems for cryptocurrency acceptance.

Progressive Care (RXMD) will use external payment providers, such as BitPay, to process all Bitcoin payments. BitPay compliance analysts approved the pharmacy for Tier 2 volume processing limit on February 14, 2018. Tier 2 provides daily cash settlements in USD and has a $500,000 annual limit. This will allow the pharmacy to reach more customers who are increasingly using cryptocurrencies for daily purchases.

Progressive Care (RXMD) ALSO just reported they had broken another record, they announced a record breaking month for January 2018! Progressive Care (RXMD) filled over 23,000 prescriptions during the month of January, generating $1.8 million in net revenues. Prescriptions filled increased by 34% compared to the same month last year and by 10% over the last record breaking month in October 2017. Revenues increased by approximately 9% as compared to January 2017. The company also filled over $450,000 worth of prescriptions (not included in Net Revenues) for 340B entities in January, generating fees to the pharmacy of just over $20,000.

Progressive Care (RXMD) is growing faster and faster every year and is at an incredible discount now! This stock will be uplisted to the NASDAQ and with the share price currently under 6 cents a share RXMD is one of the most undervalued stocks in America!

Progressive Care (RXMD) through its 100% owned subsidiaries PharmCo and Smart Medical Alliance is quickly becoming one of South Florida's leading Health Services organisations.

Progressive Care (RXMD) is so successful and here is why. They have created the next generation of pharmacy care. Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS don't even come close!

Progressive Care (RXMD) go above and beyond customers needs, constantly staying in touch with the patients doctor, they will even have a pharmacy specialist come to the patients home to help organize and explain their prescriptions.They provide free on time same day deliveries available twice a day with 24 hour emergency support . They offer language assistance in English, Spanish, French, Creole, Portuguese, Russian, and Hebrew. They also provide home medical equipment and specialized medicines for HIV/Aids, HEP C and Cancer Medications!  

Progressive Care (RXMD) business model also allows patients who live in retirement age communities and who may be unable or not want to physically go to the pharmacy to be able to conduct their pharmaceutical transactions via telemedicine with the pharmacy. It's cutting edge but has received critical acclaim and the new record revenues reflect it.

Perhaps best of all Progressive Care (RXMD) is on the forefront of cutting new blockchain technology enabling unbreakable security for the application of recording medical records, prescriptions and other records. Blockchain technology is new to the medical sector but is fast becoming the trend and a must-have tool for healthcare industry.

In 2017 Progressive Care (RXMD) appointed a new independent member to it's Board Of Directors, Oleg Firer, who is leads the very successful NASDAQ traded Blockchain company Net Element (NETE). His expertise in this field can only further benefit Progressive Care (RXMD) giving it added value.

Progressive Care (RXMD) also has one of the State of Florida's leading pharmaceutical compounders on it's staff allowing it to prepare medications tailored to meet individual patients needs.
Progressive Care (RXMD) has begun researching the development and application of Pharmaceutical drugs based on Cannabis. Researchers have used their understanding of how the brain processes cannabinoids to develop drugs which follow the same pathways but work differently than marijuana.

Clearly Progressive Care (RXMD) business model is setting the standard for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, once again CVS,Walgreens and Rite Aid don't even come close!

Rated among the top 10% of all Pharmaceutic Benefit Networks in the NATION Progressive Care (RXMD) is right there with the big players and a major buyout target in the State of Florida.

RXMD 2017 revenues hit over $20 million (NEW RECORD) and filled approximately 225000 prescriptions!

Continued month over month, quarter over quarter new record revenues are forecast in 2018 as RXMD begins opening more of it's Pharmacy Resource Centers in retirement and long term care communities, like the one just opened in Pembroke Pines, a community of over 15,000 retirement age residents in South Florida.

In 2018 RXMD is now projected to achieve filling a whopping  25,000 prescriptions per month.

RXMD has expanding across Florida into Palm Beach County and has continued working on a nationwide strategy of mergers and acquisition as it builds a brand across America. It has been compared to and called the NEW Rite Aid. 

RXMD is 15x fold undervalued compared to hundreds of listed companies in this sector.  It's very rare to find such an undervalued stock trading at this level! 

Progressive Care (RXMD) HIGHLIGHTS

Record revenues and exponential growth is happening and forecast to continue:

- In December 2017 RXMD released an official PR stating that 2017 was finishing very strongly. Look for more record revenues coming!

-For the nine months ended September 30, 2017, RXMD increased overall net revenues to approximately $15.1 million, a 14% increase over the same period in 2016

-For the 3rd quarter of 2017 RXMD reported net revenues of $5.87 million, an increase of 5% or $259,000 from Q3 2016

More About Progressive Care (RXMD):

Through its subsidiaries Smart Medical Alliance, Inc. and PharmCo, LLC, is a South Florida  health services organization and a leading regional provider of prescription pharmaceuticals specializing in health practice risk management, compounded medications, the sale of antiretroviral medications and related medication therapy management, utilization management, quality assurance, billing and coding, health practice risk management, and the supplier of prescription medications to long term care facilities.