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A new report has been published on Innovest Global, Inc. (OTC Pink: IVST). Innovest Global, Inc. is a diversified holding company that focuses on acquiring niche, high-growth businesses that are capable of generating significant annual revenue. The company’s planned subsidiaries operate across biotechnology & health sciences, commercial & industrial energy and distribution, auto sales, a national call center, and more.

The report provides an overview of biotechnology’s past performance, outlook, developments, industry trends, industry equity research reports, and Innovest’s recently announced move to form a biotech and health sciences division.

Morningstar: Biotech Positioned to Return to Long-Term Market Outperformance

The health sector has been one of the top performers over the past many decades. In fact, the health sector has been generating an annualized rate of return of 11% since 1963. Only consumer staples managed to have greater return figures during the same time period.

Morningstar analysts note that the biotech industry has seen three major cycles thus far: first cycle came in late 1990s, second in mid-2000s, and latest cycle took place between 2012 and 2016.

The analysts note that a perfect storm of bearish activity began to overtake biotech in early 2015, which has led to a period of underperformance. Exacerbated valuations, ending drug cycles, and a tumultuous U.S. presidential election helped push biotech stocks down the past couple of years.

However, research analysts and fund managers are increasingly interested in the growing resurgence within the industry. Among the key factors driving the rebound are development of revolutionary new drugs, the aging American population, and slashing regulatory hurdles at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dale Chan, manager of Prudential Jennison Health Sciences mutual fund, says he sees innovation "across all kinds of interesting areas," including in oncology-related gene therapies and around depression, muscular sclerosis, and epilepsy treatments.

However, Mr. Chan notes that he sees a vast majority of the biotech innovation being accomplished by small- and mid-cap stocks. While larger stocks will serve as better valuation-based opportunities, according to the fund manager. Mr. Chan notes that “the outlook of the small and mid-cap names is as exciting as it’s ever been,” as drug cycles and patent cliffs draw near for larger biotech companies.

According to Grand View Research, Inc., the global biotechnology market is forecast to hit $727.10 billion by 2025. The market research firm notes that most of the growth will most likely be generated by regenerative medicines and genetics in diagnostics

Innovest Global Launching New Biotech and Health Sciences Division This Spring

Innovest Global, Inc. recently announced that it is preparing to launch a new biotechnology and health sciences division this spring, which will be headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. The new division will be led by world-renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Dwain Morris-Irvin.

Dr. Morris-Irvin received his PhD from the UCLA School of Medicine and Masters in Public Health from UCLA School of Public Health. Furthermore, the distinguished neuroscientist trained at The Wallenberg Neuroscience Center at Lund University in Lund, Sweden.

Furthermore, Dr. Dwain Morris-Irvin is an expert in patent generation of therapies and treatments related to Parkinson’s, brain cancer, and more.

“Dr. Morris-Irvin is an active participant in many Biotechnology and Health Science endeavors, and is an expert including patent generation in such areas as treatments for Parkinson’s, brain cancer, and even cosmetic application of advanced bioscience,” said Dan Martin, CEO of Innovest Global.

The official Twitter page of Innovest Global, Inc. has recently announced a variety of major meetings with potential acquisition targets, business owners, and local congressional representatives. The U.S. Congressman in Innovest’s district in Ohio, Dave Joyce, has recently met with Dan Martin and the Innovest Global team a couple of times over the past month.

Innovest announced that it has generated revenues of $388,000, through half of the first quarter 2018. This beat management’s estimates by 55% and puts the company well on its way to beating its goal of reporting $500,000 in revenue per quarter.

Innovest is continuing to vet PCAOB auditors to be engaged with the company and assist with auditing the financials. This is in addition to the fact that the company’s corporate counsel is an official OTCQX sponsor, which positions the company to continue pursuing uplisting endeavors that have been laid out in previous press releases.

For more information on Innovest Global, Inc., please visit http://innovestglobal.com and http://spotlightgrowth.com/index.php/2018/03/12/how-to-play-the-resurgence-in-biotechnology/

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