Wall Street Signals: Koios Launches 4 New and Improved Flavours of Functional Beverages

Koios Launches 4 New and Improved Flavours of Functional Beverages

VANCOUVER, May 7, 2018/CNW/ - not with standing another look, Koios Beverage Corp. (CSE: KBEV; OTC: SNOVF) (the "Organization" or "Koios"), propelled four new flavors today, as a major aspect of its rebranded, upgraded line of extraordinary tasting, low-calorie and nutritious thick drink items. The new flavors are Pear Guava, Pomegranate Acai, Peach Mango and Blood Orange, conveying the aggregate to six cerebrum sound refreshment items now underway.

Koios has worked with a portion of the best sustenance researchers in the U.S. to build up a restrictive drink recipe appeared to invigorate here and now subjective capacity, and additionally bolster memory work over the long haul. The upgraded elements of every normal item and nootropics incorporate superfood lion's mane mushroom, which Whole Foods as of late recorded as an inclining fixing in its yearly utilitarian fixings guide; and L-Theanine, an amino corrosive that has quieting consequences for the mind. 

"We've spent the previous year reconsidering what was conceivable and asking ourselves: 'Would we be able to make Koios significantly more viable for the wellbeing cognizant purchaser, while considerably upgrading the flavor profile?'" said CEO Chris Miller. 

"Like any organization, we are tenacious in our interest to make the best items in their separate classes. Our most up to date cycles mirror this energy. From Day One, we have been and keep on searching for mixes of common exacerbates that can bolster cerebrum work, without over-animating customers with caffeine." 

Koios, which started exchanging on the Canadian Securities Exchange on May first, 2018, is abusing the practical drink showcase. This industry is detonating on account of another age of wellbeing cognizant buyers who are requesting sound and nutritious drink decisions because of North America's developing heftiness plague. 

The Company likewise has another look, in the wake of spending the year rebranding itself. 

"We needed our bundling to be remarkable," said Miller. "We make practical refreshments not caffeinated drinks, so we made the bundling more straightforward, rich and excellent. We lead with our fixings rather than our image name. As customers search for more characteristic items that can enhance their lives and the world everywhere, we needed our marking to mirror this. We needed it to resemble what's inside the can – straightforward, spotless and common." 

About the Company's Business 

The Company, through its entirely possessed auxiliary Koios, Inc., is a rising practical refreshment organization which has an accessible dissemination system of in excess of 2,000 retail stores over the United States in which to offer its items. Koios has associations with a portion of the biggest and most respectable wholesalers in the United States, including Europa Sports, Muscle Foods USA, KeHE, and Wishing-U-Well. Together these merchants speak to in excess of 80,000 blocks and mortar areas over the United States - from sports sustenance stores to expansive characteristic basic supply chains including Whole Foods and Sunflower markets. Through its organization with Wishing-U-Well, Koios likewise appreciates an extensive nearness web-based, including being an Amazon decision item. 

Koios utilizes an exclusive mix of nootropics and characteristic natural mixes to improve human profitability without utilizing destructive chemicals or stimulants. Koios items can upgrade center, fixation, mental limit, memory maintenance, subjective capacity, sharpness, mind limit and make throughout the day mental clearness. Its fixings are particularly intended to target cerebrum work by expanding bloodstream, oxygen levels and neural associations in the mind. 

Koios is one of the main beverages on the planet to inject its items with MCT oil. MCT oil is gotten from coconuts and has been appeared to enable the body to consume fat all the more viably, make enduring vitality from a characteristic nourishment source, deliver ketones in the cerebrum, taking into consideration more noteworthy mind capacity and clearness, bolster sound hormone creation and enhance invulnerability. For more data, please visit our site: https://www.mentaltitan.com/ 

In the interest of the Board of Directors of the Company. 


"Chris Miller" 

Chris Miller, CEO and Director 

Forward-Looking Statements 

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Koios has not led any logical investigations on the impacts of Koios' items which have been assessed by Health Canada or the U.S. Nourishment and Drug Administration. As every individual is extraordinary, the advantages, assuming any, of taking Koios' items will fluctuate from individual to individual. No cases or assurances can be made with regards to the impacts of Koios' items on a person's wellbeing and prosperity.