Wall Street Signals: Koios Releases New Powder Supplement for Sale

Koios Releases New Powder Supplement for Sale

Koios Beverage Corp. (CSE: KBEV; OTC: SNOVF) (the "Company" or "Koios"), is pleased to announce its newly developed line of brain-enhancing nootropic instant mix powders is available for sale this week.

Koios announced on May 8th, 2018 the launch of a new line of nootropic products, including a nutritional instant mix powder and daily-use capsule. The addition of these new products enables Koios to reach a broader audience and target a whole new demographic of customers.
The powder is for cutting edge nootropic clients or somebody searching for more grounded and more extreme psychological advantages than what is found in the line of prepared to-drink items. As of recently the Koios supplements were accessible in fluid shape, which regularly are offered at weaker fixations. The Koios powder and container items enable clients to take a higher dosage without consuming as much fluid. 

The new line of cases utilizes an indistinguishable winning recipe from the Company's low-calorie, nutritiously thick drinks, giving shoppers the alternative of retaining the dynamic fixings in case shape while in a hurry. 

"The powdered rendition of our supplement enables us to make a more strong type of the item, and enables clients to tweak it for their own needs," said Chris Miller, CEO and Director. "We needed to pack a bigger number of supplements and nootropics into one item than any of our opposition, while making a portion of the better-seasoned supplements available." 

Koios utilizes an exclusive mix of nootropics and characteristic natural mixes to upgrade human profitability without utilizing hurtful synthetics or stimulants. Koios items can upgrade center, fixation, mental limit, memory maintenance, intellectual capacity, sharpness, mind limit and make throughout the day mental clearness.

The new Koios supplements can be purchased on the Company's website ( www.mentaltitan.com ) or on Amazon at the Wishing-U-Well online store. The Company is planning to increase its online sales through 2018.

"The new powders and capsules were developed through years of intense research and product testing, with the goal of giving people access to a healthier alternative to energy drinks, caffeine or non-natural ingredients," Miller says. "We're thrilled to make available this week a product that packs the most value and the best science into a single supplement."
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company.
Chris Miller, CEO and Director, KOIOS BEVERAGE CORP.
About Koios Beverage Inc.
The Company, through its completely possessed auxiliary Koios, Inc., is a developing useful drink organization which has an accessible circulation system of in excess of 2,000 retail stores over the United States in which to offer its items. Koios has associations with a portion of the biggest and most trustworthy merchants in the United States , including Europa Sports, Muscle Foods USA , KeHE, and Wishing-U-Well. Together these merchants speak to a huge number of physical areas over the United States - from sports sustenance stores to extensive normal basic supply chains including Whole Foods and Sunflower markets. Through its organization with Wishing-U-Well, Koios additionally appreciates a vast nearness internet, including being an Amazon decision item. 
Koios utilizes a restrictive mix of nootropics and common natural mixes to upgrade human efficiency without utilizing unsafe synthetic compounds or stimulants. Koios items can upgrade center, fixation, mental limit, memory maintenance, psychological capacity, sharpness, cerebrum limit and make throughout the day mental clearness. Its fixings are particularly intended to target cerebrum work by expanding blood stream, oxygen levels and neural associations in the mind. 
Koios is one of the main beverages on the planet to inject its items with MCT oil. MCT oil is gotten from coconuts and has been appeared to enable the body to consume fat all the more adequately, make enduring vitality from a characteristic sustenance source, deliver ketones in the mind, taking into account more noteworthy cerebrum capacity and lucidity, bolster sound hormone generation and enhance resistance. For more data, please visit our site: https://www.mentaltitan.com/