Wall Street Signals: Tapping Into New Multi Billion $ Markets Is Expected To Result In $100's Of Thousands In New Revenue/Sales In 2018

Tapping Into New Multi Billion $ Markets Is Expected To Result In $100's Of Thousands In New Revenue/Sales In 2018


Re-Branding The Corporate Structure.
New Multi Billion $ Markets Opening Up.
Markets Have Rapid CAGR's.
2018 Catalysts Are Anticipated To Reap Big Rewards.
Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO) Has been making progress toward greater things for quite a while. In 2017 that changed significantly with Agreements, Acquisitions, New and Updated Software, and a Redesigned/Upgraded Flagship Instrument.
This will move the company forward in 2018 like no other year. As they embark on and segue into newer markets that are Multi Billion $ sales & revenue producing industries/spaces, PBIO is now poised to take advantage.
It is expected these new markets will bring $100's of thousands of new sales/revenues into the company. 
  • Protein Based Drugs and Biotherapeutics
  • Bio Pharma Manufacturing
  • <GMP> Good Manufacturing Practice Capabilities
  • Compliance
  • CBD Oils
  • Paints
  • Cosmetics
  • Clean Foods & More
How about we investigate a portion of the impetuses and foundations for this new development and excitment. 
To start, PBIO will extend universally (Center for Excellence in China) in Asia, the Far East, and Europe. 
They additionally have expanded their Sales Staff
The Redesigned & Upgraded 2320EXTREME is now Computer Operated and Run. It now adaptable to other applications etc. This is part of the Main (Existing) Group of the company, or shall we say the initial or First Group Of PBIO
  • Group I - "Research & Product Services"
As of now PBIO has put instruments in more than 300 areas all around. Their customer gathering of more than 180 is impessive. A portion of these present customers will return to PBIO for the Newest 2320EXTREME (One Multi Billion $ International customer has just obtained four (4) They envision numerous new customers because of the more extensive scope of aaditional stages, forms and new programming.
  • Group II - "Bio Pharma Manufacturing"
The move into Protein Based Drugs, Therapeutics, Bio Pharma has been met with superior to anything expected outcomes. They have one New Contract and two different request as of now, in a matter of months subsequent to securing Barofold's innovation/stage. This has been proficient with no advertising what so everThe organization is to a great degree pleaseed with this.
These agreements should come in stages, the main contract is a five figure one, it should bring about a moment stage, and that agreement is foreseen to bring six figures. 
A noteworthy reward is that these organizations will do their R and D and so forth in/at PBIO Facilities. This means PBIO approaches measure and take after as the procedure results and is progressing. 
PreEMT Platform is the key for the early achievement. You can Also add to that ISS, Inc. A Two Year (2) Agreement for their Pressure Optical Cell joined with PBIO's "The Hub", was declared and as indicated by the understanding, both arrangement to Cross Sell every others items and use the others Client Data Base-Email Lists. ISS has the bigger of the two, substantially bigger.
Generally this Second Group could take into consideration PBIO to be the Only Company in the World to have the capacity to approach and address Bip Pharma organizations, that are delivering Protein Based Drugs and using PBIO's Platforms, adding them to their assembling procedure improving a far protein durg, with higher quality, more secure, and conceivably taking into consideration that medication to be discharged and go available, when before it might not have. The potential is dumbfounding.
Royalties might be acknowledged if any organization finishes the procedure of another medication endorsement and is fruitful in picking up FDA freedom to take the item to advertise. 
PBIO Plans to Target Protein Based Biotherapeutical and Bio Pharma organizations, colleges and labs worlwide.
The Second New Group added to the corporate structure or now the Third Group, is the Ultra Shear Technology Group or <UST Group>.
  • Group III - Ultra Shear Technology-Platform
This new gathering is similarly as energizing as the other new gathering. Maybe more so. 
<UST> innovation or the stage fundamentally shears emulsions into the smallest of extents, along these lines making Nano-Emulsions. 
These Nano Emulsions are so little the procedure or stage takes into consideration water and oil to blend or have a higher or better rate of combining without isolating. 
Consider CBD Oils, which is picking up piece of the overall industry because of their therapeutic highlights. The issue is while they are great, <UST> could empower them to be obviously better. Oil and Water don't blend recollect? The human body is 60% water. There for the ingestion rate of the CDB Oil is low 10-20% tops. <UST> ought to have the capacity to amplify the absorpton rate or %, expanding it to 80%, Perhaps higher. 
That could mean lower doses, which thusly could bring about a cost reserve funds to the customer/understanding, spreading that medicine out longer. 
Paints-Imagine purchasing paint, utilize it, store for a long time, haul out, fly off cover and plunge in, no strirring, blending, shaking, great as the very beginning. <UST> could do this. 
Clean Foods-Remove all poisons, additives, man made, and have a more extended timeframe of realistic usability? <UST>
As should be obvious things are warming up, pushing ahead quickly. Snappier than they anticipated. Furthermore, I didn't specify accomplishing over $2,000,000 in Sales with One Sales Rep!! Nine Consecutive Quarters of Growth/Increased Sales/Revenues/Product Services. Resigning close 50% of the obligation $6.39 Million Converting it to Equity. That relatively paid for the whole Barofold, Inc. acquistion. Obviously the Private Investors or most have confidence in the organization and future looking forward. 
That is the thing that we don't comprehend, with this, value plunges, needs volume. Numerous outside, outsider sources think and have expressed PBIO is way underestimated, exchanging awfully low for what they have and what is coming. They figure it ought to be in any event $5.00 and with substantially more volume. 
We think it is a long play with all that is going on and coming into view. Short Term gains are possible, as has been proven in the past.
Take the time, do your own research, you can visit https://www.yahoofinance.com or https://www.otcmarkets.com
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