Wall Street Signals: Uptick Newswire Welcomes Jeremy Feakins, CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, onto “Stock Day” to Discuss OTEC Technology and Sustainability Efforts

Uptick Newswire Welcomes Jeremy Feakins, CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, onto “Stock Day” to Discuss OTEC Technology and Sustainability Efforts

Jeremy Feakins, CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTCQB:CPWR) recently spoke with Everett Jolly on the "Stock Day" podcast about the company's groundbreaking work.

More than 800 million individuals at present don't approach safe water. Sea Thermal Energy Corporation would like to battle this issue by creating Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plants in territories with the best need. Notwithstanding making perfect, predictable, and supportable vitality, a result of this technique for vitality age is the creation of a wealth of freshwater. For people group generally inadequate with regards to clean water get to, these provisions can be utilized for drinking, agribusiness, and fish cultivating. President Jeremy Feakins expressed, "There are no poisonous synthetic substances or ecological effects from the vitality that we deliver."

The organization is right now taking a shot at the OTEC EcoVillages venture in the US Virgin Islands. The USVI's Public Services Commission as of late conceded the organization administrative endorsement, implying that once zoning endorsement clears the organization will have the capacity to start assembling its qualified office. Feakins trusts that this venture is fantastic. "When we've completed with OTEC EcoVillages, which is two years really taking shape, this will be the world's first network that is totally carbon nonpartisan. There [will be] no discharges from OTEC EcoVillages. The power will be provided reasonably; the water will be a similar way. At OTEC EcoVillages, we will present cases of fish cultivating and horticulture, and a filtered water office. OTEC has effectively done these things, however producing the requirements of a whole network will be a world first. It's an awesome vision since everyone realizes that we truly need to accomplish something like to this demonstrate to the world that OTEC can, truth be told, give clean power, clean water, in an absolutely practical way." Representatives from the organization are likewise in converses with government authorities and business pioneers in the Philippines to execute this innovation on a wide scale. They are expecting news on this undertaking not long from now.

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation is different from other sustainable energy companies because its technology allows for energy production 24/7. “We don’t need the wind to blow or the sun to shine to create our electricity,” Feakins said. OTEC’s production of clean drinking water allows for great development potential, and could better the lives of millions of people.
The company is currently in pre-revenue stages, and trades on the OTCQB at 20 cents per share. “Stock Day” host Everett Jolly believes that this is a great opportunity to get involved and stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more about OTEC technology and the company’s sustainability efforts, listen to the full interview at the link below.

About Ocean Thermal Energy Corp.

OTE is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company that designs and develops deep-water hydrothermal clean-energy systems which produce fossil-fuel free electricity through Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), and environmentally friendly cooling through Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) without the use of fossil fuels. An important part of the technology is the production of large amounts of water for drinking, aquaculture, agriculture, and economic development.

OTE’s technology is ideally suited to tropical and subtropical regions of the world – where about 3 billion people live. It utilizes the natural temperature differential in oceans to generate base-load, 24/7, clean, non-polluting electricity, as well as alternative, energy-efficient cooling systems and fresh water, the latter of which is essential for the entire world, particularly developing communities.

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