Wall Street Signals: Pressure BioSciences Developing Potential Breakthrough Processing Method for High Quality, Shelf Stable Milk and Other Dairy Products

Pressure BioSciences Developing Potential Breakthrough Processing Method for High Quality, Shelf Stable Milk and Other Dairy Products

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO) ("PBI" or the "Company") a pioneer in the advancement and offer of comprehensively empowering, weight based innovation and items to the overall life sciences industry, today reported a noteworthy joint effort with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences of The Ohio State University ("Ohio State"). The essential objective of the program is to create and make accessible for commercialization a nonstop stream fabricating innovation that will get ready fluid sustenances and refreshments with conservation of unrivaled tactile and dietary characteristics, while conveying long, room temperature rack solidness without requiring refrigeration or synthetic added substances all through the chain of circulation and retail deal. PBI trusts accomplishment of this long looked for after buyer request would now be able to be proficient through scale-up of the Company's imaginative and protected Ultra Shear Technology ("UST"). 

The shared task is bolstered by a four-year, $891,000 give granted to researchers at Ohio State's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences ("CFAES") by the U.S. Branch of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture ("NIFA"). Ohio State has allowed PBI a $318,000 sub-contract to assemble a working benchtop instrument and a pilot plant floor show UST machine. PBI has just started to take a shot at this task. 

The present wellbeing cognizant buyers request sustenance that is nutritious, insignificantly prepared, pathogen safe, and that likewise tastes great, looks engaging, and is free of concoction emulsifiers and additives. Sustenance processors have been looking for new insignificant or non-warm presentation advancements that can give expanded time span of usability, while meeting "clean name" (no counterfeit fixings or synthetic compounds) necessities and that fulfill purchaser desires. The present clean name nourishment showcase is evaluated at $62 billion in the USA and $165 billion around the world (Nunes, 2016). Numerous perfect name nourishments are at present prepared utilizing expensive, non-productive, bunch situated high-weight handling ("HPP"), including juices (e.g., Starbuck's Evolution line), fish, meats, infant sustenance, guacamole, and natural products/vegetables. In 2015, the overall market for HPP nourishment was evaluated at $10 billion (Toops:2016). 

Dr. Edmund Y. Ting, Sr. VP of Engineering at PBI, and a pioneer in the advancement of HPP, stated: "HPP has turned out to be exceptionally viable in lessening nourishment borne pathogens and broadening timeframe of realistic usability in pre-bundled sustenances (e.g., squeezes and prepared to-eat meats), along these lines taking out the requirement for concoction added substances. Be that as it may, HPP remains a group procedure not equipped for ceaseless stream, and in light of the fact that it is just a sanitization procedure, and does not render sustenance "monetarily sterile", HPP-prepared nourishment must be delivered, put away, and kept up under refrigeration all through the whole chain of appropriation and retail deal. We trust that Ultra Shear Technology will give temperate answers for these issues, and will offer an extra, clean name handling decision to the two shoppers and the sustenance business around the globe." 

Ultra Shear Technology consolidates high weight and high shear powers, while limiting introduction to harming high temperatures. PBI trusts this imaginative preparing strategy will permit fluid nourishment and refreshment organizations to make more advantageous and better tasting items by decreasing warm harm and the requirement for compound additives. This can be accomplished by utilizing outrageous weights to convey almost quick shear and temperature exposures for successful against microbial impacts and long haul protection without the need for concoction added substances. It is likewise foreseen that the fine emulsions created with Ultra Shear will have improved tangible and nutritious advantages. 

"We trust UST can be utilized by sustenance producers for the preparing of more advantageous and enhanced refreshments, sauces, toppings and different nourishments," said Dr. V.M. "Bala" Balasubramaniam, a CFAES teacher of sustenance building who is driving the synergistic venture. His research center, with a multidisciplinary group of microbiologists, scientists and nutritionists, examines creative sustenance advancements and afterward works with industry to execute them industrially.