Wall Street Signals: Correction: American Premium Water Corp. (HIPH) Announces Agreement with GreenBox POS (OTC:GRBX) to Use Proprietary Payment Processing for CBD Sales

Correction: American Premium Water Corp. (HIPH) Announces Agreement with GreenBox POS (OTC:GRBX) to Use Proprietary Payment Processing for CBD Sales

American Premium Water Corporation is re-issuing the press release originally put out on February 7th, 2019 to clarify the Company will not be selling products with THC online, which was erroneously stated in the headline. The Company does plan to sell THC infused beverages at licensed dispensaries in the US where legal and nationwide in Canada.
American Premium Water Corporation (HIPH) announces it has entered into an agreement with GreenBox POS (GRBX) to use its proprietary, blockchain based payment process technology on its new e-commerce site for LALPINA and other CBD related products. The Company will be launching the new site e-commerce site featuring GreenBox’s payment API in the next few weeks.
American Premium CEO Ryan Fishoff, commented, “I am happy to announce this partnership with GreenBox. This payment technology will finally give the Company a permanent payment processing solution. It has been frustrating to not be able to process orders on our own e-commerce site. Now that we have GreenBox, we can focus our efforts on making the LALPINA e-commerce site a first-class experience for the consumer. The Company will also begin to focus resources on digital and social media advertising. Getting a dynamic e-commerce site off the ground early this year has been a high priority for the Company and one that I highlighted in my year-end letter to shareholders; I am happy to say that we are a few weeks away from this goal.”
GreenBox POS, (https://greenboxpos.com) is a groundbreaking technology company that builds customized payment solutions for a variety of industries, with an emphasis on blockchain secured ledger technology, which they have 5 patents for. GreenBox’s technology has become the leading point of sale (POS) application in the cannabis industry, which traditionally has been challenged in finding payment processing solutions. Even with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, and the mainstream adoption of CBD, there is a still not a uniform acceptance in the financial services industry. The Company will leverage GreenBox’s technology across all of its CBD-infused products and their respective e-commerce sites.
"Having GreenBox's innovation presently enables us to settle our new internet business website. The Company figures that interest for our item (and other CBD items) will be a lot higher this year because of the section of the Farm Bill and the expanded intrigue CBD items have gotten as a result of it. As we hope to grow the quantity of LALPINA CBD SKUs in the coming months, its critical that the Company can deal with the interest. This site, alongside generation and sending by Growpacker will introduce another time for the Company. The foundation will be set up to almost certainly transport out online requests inside 24 hours of receipt. I realize we have kept on having some delivery issues with our accomplices, yet these improvements will streamline and dispose of them going ahead. GreenBox's innovation will likewise enable the Company to flawlessly coordinate the backend of the distinctive marked CBD items that the Company will move into a constant store network. This will enable the Company to scale, particularly when we have various item classifications over different brands. Before we get to that point, I am anticipating revealing the new LALPINA CBD site in the coming weeks, and when it is prepared, I anticipate preparation the investors on it" Concluded Mr. Fishoff