Wall Street Signals: Linkreservations Inc. (OTC:LRSV) Announces Acquisition of www.LinkResPet.com Website

Linkreservations Inc. (OTC:LRSV) Announces Acquisition of www.LinkResPet.com Website

Linkreservations Inc, a provider of cannabidiol (CBD) products specifically tailored for pets, 
announces the acquisition of an e-commerce website called www.LinkResPet.com

“We are thrilled to add this site to our portfolio as it is the first step in a growth plan that will see Linkreservations Inc. consolidate distribution channels within the CBD space – with a specific focus on CBD products for pets,” explained Rene Lauritsen, CEO at Linkreservations inc. “We are currently seeing an increase in demand for CBD pet-specific products, with more people seeking alternative treatments and health boosts for their pets. We expect the market to boom in the near short term with Europe and the US, in particular, becoming more active in this area, as new legislation develops”.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that Americans spent $72.13 billion on their pets in 2018, and some are expecting spending to surpass $96 billion in sales in 2020.T he growing amount of consumer expenditure in pet products along with the increasing trend in organics proves a strong point for entering the wellness pet care sector; add that to the continuous growth in CBD applications and studies in the CBD pet market and this transforms into a golden opportunity for Linkreservations Inc.

CBD has been praised for its health benefits in humans, and these applications are being seen in animals as well. At the moment, CBD is being used to treat anxiety and pain among dogs and cats without harmful side effects of some mainstream therapies. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), this plays a vital role in regulating the function of the brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. CBD targets this area and its compounds interact with specific receptor sites, bringing homeostasis across the body’s systems.

Linkreservations Inc is producing a line of CBD products designed for cats and dogs that targets their ECS and help improve their overall wellness. Made as tasty tinctures and chewable treats, LinkResPet products ensure easy consumption and efficacy. More information on these will be available on the new website as well as information about the health benefits of CBD, the different uses in pets and further investor information.

“We are really excited about the acquisition of the LinkResPet website as it gives us a platform to share our latest news and products, keep our investors up to date with our activities while also informing the wider community about the benefits of CBD and how our products can really provide a different solution to the way they treat their pets’ health,” added Lauritsen.

About Linkreservations Inc.

Linkreservations Inc is CBD Petcare provider dedicated to improving the health and life conditions of pets worldwide. Developing and marketing hemp-based CBD products for cats, dogs, and horses, the Company is currently present in Europe and in the US. A pioneer in the area, Linkreservations Inc products can be found under its brand LinkResPets (www.linkrespet.com).

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