Wall Street Signals: Natural Shrimp Inc. (SHMP) Rockets another +30% After Patent Chatter

Natural Shrimp Inc. (SHMP) Rockets another +30% After Patent Chatter

Shares jumped last week for Natural Shrimp Inc.  (SHMP[OTCQB] - $0.84    ) - I started watching them around 13 cents and they have ripped higher.

They are up 6x along with big volume trading above 80 cents for most of the session today. I traded them this morning (you cant get a borrow ) from the long side just to get a taste, and it was a whipsaw washing machine, but it was trading. This one must settle in a little. The volume is a key factor here as real money is changing hands. These guys have put much time and effort in here, was about time they get some due for an interesting concept.
I saw the market cap around $175M last Friday, and maybe 275 million shares out, so there are many players here, and some new buying will be required to continue to drive the stock. Hard to determine if you have a short squeeze (as I mentioned, you cannot get a borrow), so it is a limited playing field unless you own them. Certainly, one to add to the watch list. I will dig into the revenue model once I catch up with them (Gerald and Bill are a couple of good ole' Texas boys I am familiar with from my Dallas trading days). This company has a great story:
“Our initial focus is bringing shrimp to market by replicating our indoor technology in regional production centers outside New York, City, Chicago and Las Vegas. But it is very important for our investors to know the broad implications of the patent we received,” said Bill G. Williams, CEO.

The Patent that Could be a Gamechanger

SHMP said as of late that the joint patent it reported for the main economically suitable framework for developing sea-going species inside isn't just for shrimp - which the organization is near conveying to advertise - but instead for the proliferation of all fish. 

As per the press, the patent likewise covers oceanic arthropods including lobster and mollusks, for example, shellfish and shellfishes. NaturalShrimp and F&T Water Solutions, LLC got U.S. Patent No. 10,163,199 B2 for the Recirculating Aquaculture System and Treatment Method for Aquatic Species on December 25, 2018. NaturalShrimp keeps up the selective overall rights for any shrimp species using this patent.

This is a must read a story! Click here for the company website.

“Consumers are now living a healthier lifestyle by eating fresh, chemically free products. The use of this technology as a water treatment delivers on this trend and acts as an antioxidant, increasing the overall health benefits,” said Peter Letizia, CEO of F&T Water Solutions.
The company profile reads: NaturalShrimp and F&T have developed and patented the Vibrio Suppression Technology system, eliminating water-borne bacteria and other harmful organisms, allowing many other aquatic species to grow and thrive in an indoor, all-natural environment that can be replicated anywhere in the world. The companies, through their subsidiary, Natural Aquatic Systems, are currently entertaining possible joint ventures and/ or licensing candidates for indoor systems of many species, including Barramundi and Salmon.