Wall Street Signals: NNRX Announce Partnership with Terra-Formance, LLC

NNRX Announce Partnership with Terra-Formance, LLC

NutraNomics, Inc. announced today a new strategic partnership with Terra-Formance, LLC. Terra-Formance is a “verified”, Disabled Veteran Owned, renewable energy company with strategic alliances in major corporations including: certified Energy Savings Companies (ESCOs), and the US Government (agencies including the  Department of Defense). Terra-Formance is characterized by a special skill in the integration of cutting edge and proven technologies, design, scale flexibility, proven customized components and accelerated deployment. The founder, JP Hoffman, has over 20 years of experience in working with Federal, State, and Local agencies on all aspects of energy, energy security, energy savings, and energy sustainability, with over $1B in Federal contracting alone during his career.

Preliminary analyzation of the new hemp markets exposed a significant challenge in outlying areas and lands owned by indigenous tribes throughout North America. Jonathan Bishop, CEO of NutraNomics, states, “In anticipation of future growth opportunities into farming tribal and rural lands, we know that power availability and reliability in many areas of the country is either non-existent or not sufficient for adding facilities with increased power requirements. Terra-Formance has the ability to add micro-grid and ‘Black Start’ energy solutions for facilities with limited or zero access to adequate power, as well as assist in the design structure of the facilities to ensure redundancy, energy efficiency, and automated control technologies. This strategy decreases the overall energy requirements while ensuring reliable, on-site, digital grade power that is impervious to grid blackouts or brownouts.  Proven solutions include the proper integration of renewable energy assets including Waste to Energy, Solar, Wind, Geo-Thermal, Co-Gen, Biomass, and Hydro-Power.”

NutraNomics will provide Terra-Formance an opportunity to position itself as the expert in a diverse range of services to address remote and insufficient or depleted energy resources by replacing, enhancing or established Wind power, Solar power, Hydropower, Geo Thermal and the Recycling of Waste commonly referred to as Waste-to-Energy (WTE).

President JP Hoffman is quoted: “We are excited to be partnering with such an influential player in the all-natural health sector. Their vision of aligning green technologies and natural science solutions expands Terra-Formance into the next phase of growth and innovation.”
The Terra-Formance and NutraNomics partnership allow us to extend our growth in agriculture and infrastructure revitalization globally, positioning NutraNomics International BioMedical Farming as a trailblazer in providing resources to remote agricultural destinations around the globe.

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