Sunstock, Inc. (OTC Pink: SSOK) announces that it has entered into an advisory agreement with Mr. David Morgan a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry.
The agreement calls for Mr. Morgan to provide professional services to Sunstock, Inc. as it pertains to its “Triple 8” digital security offering of tokens that represent gold, platinum, and silver. As an advisor, expert, and counselor, he will provide key advice as it pertains to the Company’s Security Token Offering (STO).
David Morgan, a precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and engineering, created TheMorganReport.com website and originated The Morgan Report, a monthly letter that covers economic news, the overall financial health of the global economy, currency problems, and the key reasons for investing in the Resource Sector. TheMorganReport.com gives an enormous amount of information to its subscribers about strategies in the precious metals markets and other investment tips. His website and podcast enables learning on how to make money in these uncertain times and protecting wealth, from someone who knows how to navigate these markets. As publisher of The Morgan Report, he appeared on CNBCFox Business, and BNN in Canada, and has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Futures MagazineThe Gold Report, and numerous other publications.
David Morgan keeps on giving various discourses on procedures in utilizing valuable metals as ventures and a fence against the fall of fiat monetary forms or financial downturns. David Morgan keeps on instructing people and organizations about money related strategies, its disappointments, and the advantages of valuable metals.
Jason Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Sunstock, Inc., states, “Triple 8 tokenizes precious metals onto a blockchain. Bringing David Morgan, a world-renowned expert in precious metals into the Company as an advisor on “Triple 8’s” STO provides the Company with an individual with extraordinary business acumen in the precious metals market and industry.”
As an asset-backed digital currency backed by gold, platinum, and silver, “Triple 8” provides a value proposition for both investors and end-users of the token. “Triple 8” redefines how the world conceptualizes and uses money with its asset-backed cryptocurrency, directly tied to the value of gold, platinum, and silver bullion.  With the world FIAT money system strained, crypto backed by precious metals appeals to value-conscious individuals, institutions and other entities. Having a token equal to 1 gram of precious metal gives a true value backed cryptocurrency.
Because of Mr. David Morgan’s wealth of understanding of monetary policies and precious metals, the Company believes that his inputs will be constructive in Sunstock’s growth and uses of the “Triple 8” precious metal backed digital currency.
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