Wall Street Signals: taggCRM - Intelligent Video Marketing - Verb Technology Co. Inc. (FUSZD)

taggCRM - Intelligent Video Marketing - Verb Technology Co. Inc. (FUSZD)

taggCRM - Intelligent Video Marketing - Verb Technology Co. Inc. (FUSZD) (formerly nFusz Inc.) Updated 02-21-2019

Verb's flagship product "taggCRM" is the Worlds First Interactive Video-based Marketing & Sales CRM. - It's an Intelligent Advertising Tool that Collects, Tracks & Analyzes Data for Lead Generation, future and follows up Campaigns while it Promotes & Sells your Products & Services at Mind Blowing Conversion Rates!


The verb is disrupting the worlds largest and fastest growing software market with the very first interactive video-based CRM that does the selling for you! How??? What if I told you that Verb's "taggCRM" could generate up to 10 times more leads, or more, and sell up to 10 times more products, or more, than regular video? - Show me!

Here's an introduction by Rory J. Cutaia, VERB CEO

The video is by far the best vehicle for Digital Marketing & Sales, but it still has its limits. Have you ever had a question about something you saw advertised but put it off due to time or didn't want the hassle of writing it down, or you just got sidetracked? Wouldn't it have been nice if you could have gotten that info or even make the purchase right thru the video? 

Traditional CRMs “Customer Relationship Management” is laborious and time-consuming tools in which customer contact information and appointments are entered and tracked manually. taggCRM automates most all of these processes saving tons of time while generating more leads and closing more sales! At the leading edge of technological innovation, the verb has not only coined the phrase Augmented Sales Intelligence, but they have built tools, features, and functionality into their taggCRM product that truly act to augment and enhance the skills of any salesperson, whether an experienced professional or a novice.More

Official Description 
taggCRM is a subscription-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales/lead generation and social engagement platform compatible with all mobile and desktop devices. Our proprietary next-generation interactive video technology is the core of our cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. Leveraging the power of our new interactive video technology, taggCRM does the selling for you, effectively eliminating sales skill from the sales process. Our platform can accommodate any size campaign or sales organization and it is enterprise-class scalable to meet the needs of today's global organizations. 

With AI & Machine Learning, data analysis identifies needed follow-ups, future campaigns, and aids in generating more leads while gathering critical information on various interactions within the video Overview https://youtu.be/gjuCDx0g2AY

Interactive taggs = Conversion Magic   Let's Get The Party Started!

taggCRM is the worlds first CRM that uses interactive video as a Sales & Lead Generation Tool. Now you can easily add clickable taggs into any video to create maximum engagement, close more sales, generate more leads and track all data right thru the video! You no longer have to write down or try to remember phone numbers, web sites or search for data, you simply interact with the video, increasing conversion rates in two ways by up to 1,000% or more! Rory Cutaia calls it “friction-less” because you don't miss a beat when determining your interest, I call it The Holy Grail of Video Marketing!Show me!

Upload your video & transform it into a powerful "Lead Generation & Sales Tool”. Use the Dashboard to pack it full of compelling features that capture attention and offer cool ways to respond to clickable taggs right thru the video. The dashboard is easy to use and getting help is even easier... 

Video Library: Not ready to make a video? Verb is launching a new ecosystem this month with about 750,000 videos! Check out the new library of ready-made videos, some will be complete with clickable taggs to help you get started. 
For the very first time, Video Marketers can create a personalized Marketing Video with interactive taggs for a powerful introduction that will capture viewer attention, build trust and give unprecedented contact accessibility.


Communications Platform: Clickable taggs offer more than just interactivity, they give you the flexibility to decide the form of communications you need. Provide your favorite social media tagg, an email tagg, sign-up and more. 


Calendars: Place your calendar in the video if you would like clients to schedule their own appointments. 


Downloads: Brochures, Documents, PDF's etc 


Audio: Music, Podcasts etc. 


Unique taggs There are different styles of “Buy Now” and other taggs, pick the ones you like and place them on top of the items for sale! Wouldn't you love to have an verb coffee mug? 


Place taggs exactly “where” you need them, exactly “when” you need them! 


Phone: Place an interactive phone icon in your video for instant call-backs. Customers just enter their own number to receive a call. Just say, "call us with YOUR phone number!" 


This video is the best example of verb's tech for sales, but it only shows “how” the technology works and cannot begin to describe the countless ways it can be used! It plays flawlessly on Twitter while offering viewers 7 different actions that can be taken right through the video. Be sure to click on the audio tagg to listen to the CEO Money radio program and don't forget to buy a coffee mug! Click on all the taggs to see just how powerful this is for Marketing & Sales! 
Watch the demo: Demo 

There’s an incredible number of ways to apply video to your marketing strategy. Much more here

Use your videos for email campaigns, embed them on your website or post to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others to reach out to anyone from anywhere! 

CRM became the largest software market in 2017 and will be the fastest growing software market in 2018

Newest Examples of Video with taggCRM

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