Wall Street Signals: Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC) completes purchase of ‘licensed to grow’ Cannabis property

Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC) completes purchase of ‘licensed to grow’ Cannabis property

Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC) announced today that it has successfully completed the purchase of a 193-acre property in Mendocino County, Northern California that is licensed to grow cannabis.
The property has been operating for twelve years and has repeatedly proven to be fertile and capable of generating consistently high yields. The property has been enrolled and legally permitted since the 2016 Mendocino County 9.31 Cannabis Initiative (supervised and inspected by the County’s Sheriff Dept). The licensing and permit renewal process are reviewed and re-issued annually.
The property features fenced-in gardens with high-quality fertile soil, irrigation systems, and water tanks along with a high-output underground well that is capable of supplying more than enough water for irrigation purposes and currently cultivates 99 outdoor plants. Additionally, the property is licensed for two 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouses, each of which can hold up to 650 plants, and unlike outdoor plants, may yield at least 2 harvests per year (outdoor plants yield just one harvest per year).
Construction of the first of two 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouses are scheduled to commence in the spring after the rainy season has ended.
Dakshidin CEO Chris Haigh expressed, "This speaks to an exceptionally critical advance forward and will enable the organization to create exclusive plant strains that will help increment the adequacy of its present and future product offerings. The organization's clients are generally 45+, who are presently starting to understand that cannabis can be extremely powerful for the infirmities that influence a large number of us as we get more established. Truth be told, for some, the advantages of THC based items are more prominent than reaction loaded pills, vaccination shots, and tinctures that most specialists endorse."

About Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC)

DKSC has positioned itself as an innovator and industry leader in the quickly emerging organic CBD and cannabis-derived health products and services industry. The company is driven by three pillars of thought that guide the development of its business model:
  1. Cannabis prohibition is approaching its inevitable end.
  2. Cannabis & CBD are conventional products used by a broad spectrum of consumers.
  3. Trusted brands will be the future of the cannabis industry.

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