Wall Street Signals: Progress Report & NASDAQ Catalysts - Verb Technology

Progress Report & NASDAQ Catalysts - Verb Technology

Progress Report & NASDAQ Catalysts - Verb Technology Co. Inc. (VERB). (formerly nFusz Inc.) - Updated 3- 04 - 2019 - Anything not linked should be taken as an opinion.

A - Update on Odoo integration. Update #1 Integration now listed on the Home page. VERB

B - PR's announcing new partnerships with at least one major CRM/ERP platform provider.

Update #1 per filings Looks like we have two Big Boys coming! nFusz is currently Integrating into the Salesforce and Microsoft platforms.

Update #2 per CEO Report - Add SAP to the list! 
Update #3: 02-05-19 - 8k filed announcing Partnership with Salesforce! Salesforce 8k 

C - Other Cloud agreements

Update #1 nFusz will be the only video platform on NetSuite & are working on a new CRM with them.

D - Launch of notifiMED with a major healthcare provider.

EValuation research/Analyst report from Gartner or another highly regarded firm.

F - NASDAQ up-list S-1/A Filed Update! S-1/A was filed. Read

Fed, 7 – 2019 - Verb Tech Co Reports 2018 Financial Results Early and Files Updated Registration Statement as Part of Nasdaq Uplist Plan [/tag] 10k Filing

Update #1 Pre-merger integrations underway into their platform as well as combining the applications.

Update #2 Sound Concepts has increased its user base by more than 147,000 users. (Over 510,000 users)

Update #3 NFUSZ has a “firm commitment” from AGP for financing. More

Update #4 Jan, 25 - 2019 - nFusz also announces the integration of "notifiCRM" with "Brightools" is complete! more

Update #5 - Feb, 7 – 2019 - Sound Concepts user base through January 2019 had 545,000 users

Update #6 - Feb, 19 – 2019 S1/A As of the date hereof, Sound Concepts has more than 554, 000 current users of its Brightools app, representing an increase of more than 44, 000 users since December 2018 Assumed offering price of $14.50 per Unit

There are many other things in the works and more are coming to light with each update. Watch the latest video updates below.

From the LD Micro Conference 


Potential News

Joint PR nFusz/Oracle NetSuite 

notifiAUCTION - “Ubid” update 

notifiEDU update Update #1 partnering with Salesforce for a new learning app.

More CRM & ERP Partnerships Update! Jan, 18 - 2019 nFusz enters Partnership with Instapage. Read

Update on Facebook Live endeavor Update #1 Patent filed for CTA's on portable devices. Update #2Software is completed & will launch in Jan 2019 - will be a huge market potential for notifiLIVE.

notifiTV update

notifiID update Update! Gartner has adopted notifiID!

Additional Advisory Board members Update! Completed, all positions filled! more

H - Rich Bohn review.


Surprise Announcements

note: Aug, 14 - 2018 Sound Concepts user base was 360,000 FormS-1

Nov, 2 - 2018 nFusz Announces Agreement With ICON Aircraft

Nov, 15 - 2018 Merger agreement and an increase in the Brightools base to 490,000 paying users

Dec, 3 - 2018 nFusz Files Patent Application for its Unique In-Video Call-to-Action Technology For Mobile Devices & Hires new CTO Chad Thomas

Dec, 10 - 2018 Sound Concepts has more than 510,000 current users of its Brightools app

Jan, 11 – 2019 - Rory Picked up another 250,000 shares! Read

01-16-2019 - Amended Statement of Beneficial Ownership (sc 13d/a) Read

Jan, 18 - 2019 nFusz to Launch In-App Video Template Marketplace and Content Creator EcosystemRead

Jan, 25 - 2019 - nFusz Expands Product Line With Video-Based Real Estate Sales Application more

Feb, 1 - 2019 nFusz Joins the Microsoft Partner Network - more - 8k filing

Fed, 4 - 2019 nFusz Announces Name Change and Stock Consolidation for Pending Uplist to NASDAQ

Feb, 7 – 2019 S-1/A Filing for acquisition & up-list

02-06-19: VERB’s TaggCRM Interactive Video-Based Mobile App Now Available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Feb, 15 – 2019 VERB Announces the Release of Tagg Video Real Estate Sales Mobile App

Feb, 21 – 2019 - Verb Announces The Addition of Shopify

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