Wall Street Signals: MobiCard Inc. Announces Change in Management New CFO & COO.

MobiCard Inc. Announces Change in Management New CFO & COO.

Peer To Peer Network aka Mobicard Inc. (Mobicard) (OTC: PTOP) is pleased to announce the appointment of Anthony Mirabito as its Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

As alumni having a four-year college education in Finance from Babson College, Mr. Mirabito has additionally sought after coursework at Harvard Extension School and Massachusetts School of Law. He acquires 20 years of experience contract business and private land improvement to the table too. Having claimed a couple of independent ventures Mr. Mirabito has experience recording assessments and managing financials inside. His experience of achievement in fields requesting regulatory and financial order is the ideal supplement to help the strong course of events, and activities that CEO Joshua Sodaitis has most as of late put into impact.

Principal among the many tasks Mr. Mirabito will attend to is overseeing, coordinating, advancing, and finalizing MobiCard’s prior financials for filing on EDGAR and current financials for disclosure on OTC Markets. Mr. Mirabito will be able to commit full-time attention and dedication assisting the CEO and Mobicard accountants towards the rapid advance and completion of such financials in accordance with the proper GAAP & PCAOB standards.

“Now that the Code2Action Inc (C2A) note has been settled, which was the main obstacle to getting the financials current, I expect speedy progress, and I am setting an aggressive timeline to complete the financials to achieve in rapid progression the company’s strategic hurdles and objectives,” commented Joshua Sodaitis CEO.

Upon completion, MobiCard looks forward to the removal of the OTC Markets stop sign and intends to file for DWAC eligibility.

The addition of Mr. Mirabito to the MobiCard management team will secure base support for back office operations, thus enabling CEO Joshua Sodaitis to concentrate on pursuing and implementing strategies related to the anticipated rollout of MobiCard’s new software platform anticipated to commence Q4 2019 amongst other duties. 

Mr. Mirabito replaces former CFO, James Bento. Mr. Bento has not been a part of MobiCard since his March 7, 2019 resignation. Mobicard has made tremendous strides towards completing its business goals, and the position now requires a full-time focus on creative problem solving, collaboration, and completing action items as set forth by CEO Joshua Sodaitis.  Mr. Mirabito has not only assumed the duties of the previous CFO, but will also help plan and complete tactical operations required to attain the corporate strategies as envisioned, and documented by CEO Joshua Sodaitis. 

“The Mobicard team is unequivocally devoted to organic growth and maximizing shareholder value for the long term. With the new addition of Anthony Mirabito to the team in a key position, ready to roll his sleeves up full time, and take the initiative on the financials we are in a much better position than we previously had been,” CEO Josh Sodaitis stated.

MobiCard’s anticipated new platform and products will deliver benefits to users that go far beyond the typical smartphone or web application, so success is not reliant upon aligning with dominant players in the market to drive traffic. More importantly, once the product is completed, the opportunity for manifold revenue streams provides long term value far beyond being just another vehicle to deliver more traffic to a larger enterprise.  It’s the vision of CEO Joshua Sodaitis to deliver shareholders not only market appreciation but real, long-term profitability as the business model matures.

The appointment of Mr. Mirabito to the MobiCard management team is a natural matter given the recent accomplishments made by CEO Joshua Sodaitis these past few months and weeks.  The commencement of product development, the allowance of the patent application, and the settlement with Code2Action, cumulatively provide for an increased focus on getting down to the business at hand, paving the path to get the financials completed.  Securing the services of a proven and successful team member is but one more example of the advances being made here at MobiCard. 

Peer To Peer Network aka Mobicard Inc. (Mobicard) owns and markets its core technology, a SaaS mobile solution branded C2A MobiCard, a scalable mobile business card software platform that enables users to create a customized web-based personalized mobile app that is sharable by text SMS, email, digital and social media. Subscribers are able to track when the card opens, views and shares all while validating and analyzing new leads and referrals in real time, thereby knowing who and when to follow up www.freemobicard.com

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