Wall Street Signals: Mike The Pike Entertainment Details IP to Date Including George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade, based on the World Fantasy Award Winning Novella

Mike The Pike Entertainment Details IP to Date Including George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade, based on the World Fantasy Award Winning Novella

VGTel, Inc.’s (OTC: VGTL) (“VGTL” or the “Company”) wholly-owned subsidiary, Mike The Pike Entertainment (MTP), an IP acquisition, development and production company, herein details its stake in Intellectual Properties to date, alongside its core model, in preparation for additional acquisitions for development from Producer Mark B. Newbauer (CEO)

Image Comics’ The Mice Templar – by Oeming/Glass/Santos – This project was optioned for a screen with the intent to create a visually compelling animated series for the TV-14+ demographic.  It is a sprawling epic tale reminiscent of “Lord of the Rings” or “Game of Thrones”, in which a precocious young mouse is chosen by the gods to learn the ways of a fallen society to take down a tyrant king and restore balance to the universe.” We will be announcing details on this project once we receive studio approval, but anticipate a very successful series for an underserved audience niche. I have shared a few excerpts from our original pitch deck for shareholders to view so you can get a feel for the layers and scope this project entails:

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George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade is the primary venture that Mike The Pike optioned rights to as Mike The Pike Productions in 2010 only a couple of months before HBO's Game of Thrones was greenlit for arrangement. Around then, George R.R. Martin (GRRM) expressed on his blog: ". My werewolf novella "The Skin Trade," initially distributed route back when in NIGHT VISIONS 5, has been optioned for film by Mike the Pike Productions And about time. I've generally thought there was a breathtaking motion picture in "The Skin Trade," yet by one way or another nobody has ever optioned it till now. The novella is a frightfulness/secret cross set in a rotting rustbelt city and including a hot youthful female private investigator and a masochist lycanthrope, how that for the high idea? Randi and Willie are still top picks of mine. The novella won the World Fantasy Award as well, which is the means by which I got that head of H.P. Lovecraft that looks down over my parlor. I trust that Mike the Pike completes a kickass work with it. These things do require significant investment, obviously, we're as yet far from the cameras rolling… "

CEO Mark Newbauer comments, “I will be ever grateful to GRRM for giving MTP a chance on this material, particularly in the midst of what was happening in the background with Game of Thrones, which went on to be one of the most epic shows to have ever graced the screen. As that series comes to an end, we hope to bring forth a new side of George’s work in this supernatural thriller.  Details are under wraps; however, we have a notable stake in exploitation of the property as part of a deal wherein we assigned the ownership rights to a party which made financing to exercise the option to purchase possible. This project is highly confidential but I’m confident something great will come of this for us to share in the near future.”

Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light – “This has been discussed at length in previous releases. There are some very exciting items of note forthcoming on this project and our primary objective is to complete the outright purchase, all the while working to develop for a screen with a studio partner.”

Children of the Night – Based on an original screenplay and being produced by Mark B. Newbauer, Theo Viljeaux and Jay Stern (Horrible Bosses, Rush Hour) this project is currently in development and out to directors.  Updates to follow

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Our core model is as follows:

Mike The Pike Entertainment is a company with a mission of acquiring, developing and licensing undervalued Intellectual Property for television, feature film, and new media outlets.

  • IP Acquisitions: Purchasing an option to acquire film and television rights in a literary work (novel, play or original script) is key to our business model. This typically involves establishing an option agreement to produce screen adaptation(s) of the underlying work. Sourcing strong properties are one of the most cost-effective ways to position the Company for exponential returns.
  • IP Development: Once a property is optioned/acquired, Mike The Pike works to develop the property to raise its value in the marketplace.  This includes ‘packaging’ the project: obtaining interest or attachment from top-level writers, showrunners, directors, and talent otherwise which may be the tipping point for studios/financiers to open their checkbooks and pay a premium for the material. Proper packaging will provide the company with a significant advantage over unpackaged material in the marketplace.
  • IP Sales & Licensing: In most cases, to keep costs low and profit prospects high, the company will team with top-tier production companies, agencies and/or studios, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of residual payments while relying on industry powerhouses to provide financing, along with increased manufacturing capacity, wider distribution outlets and established agency connections.

Newbauer continues, “I encourage shareholders who are in to support our long-term growth to please ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘subscribe’ and share, share, share our social media content across your channels.  This is how we grow an audience and a following.  Shareholder participation is highly encouraged toward collective benefit if you are so compelled. “

“Thank you very much and we are looking forward to an exciting road ahead. Early startups like ours can be a bumpy ride, but we commit to making decisions toward the good of long-term growth and building shareholder value as we continue to acquire projects and develop them for exploitations across various mediums.  As well, we plan on launching a new exciting division as part of our commitment to building a multi-faceted Media and Entertainment Holding company.  Updates are forthcoming. “

About VGTL

Vgtel, Inc. is a Media and Entertainment Holding company with a focus on growing and investing in businesses and technology relevant to space. Mike The Pike Entertainment is its wholly owned subsidiary with a model in IP Acquisition, Development, and Production. VGTel, Inc. has plans to change the company name to Arowana Media Holdings.


About Mike The Pike Entertainment

Mike the Pike Entertainment is an IP Acquisitions and Development company with a focus that includes Feature Films, Television, New Media and Graphic Novels.

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