Wall Street Signals: Verb Technology Company Inc (NASDAQ:VERB) Due For A Bounce

Verb Technology Company Inc (NASDAQ:VERB) Due For A Bounce

Verb Technology Company Inc (NASDAQ: VERB) could as well have hit the floor and due for a correction higher if recent price action activity is anything to go by. Since the start of the second quarter the stock’s price action activity has remained subdued between $2 and $3 a share.
The subdued market activity comes on the heels of the stock shedding more than 80% in market value in March alone. The stock holding steady above the $2 a share level indicates waning short selling pressure.


The confirmation of a strategic partnership with Waymark is one of the developments that continues to strengthen the stock’s market sentiments, consequently averting further slides. 
The expansion of direct selling business sector pioneer, Stream Energy, into the organization's customer roaster underscores advertises acknowledgment of Verb Technology's recently consolidated advanced stage. The organization has additionally tried to fortify its prospects in the business given the obtaining of Sound Concepts, which is the main supplier of computerized innovation arrangements.
Verb Technology share price is yet to reflect the tremendous potential in response to recent developments that underscore growth prospects. With short sellers taking a back seat after the 80% plunge, the stock is likely to correct higher.
Standing in the way of Verb Technology turning bullish, in the short term, is the $3 resistance level. A breach of the resistance level on huge volumes could pave the way for the stock to make a run for the $6 a share level. Above the $6 mark, the stock should be bullish.


Verb technology is engaged in the development and distribution of sales and marketing applications utilizing proprietary interactive video data collection. Following the acquisition of Sound Concepts, the company is increasingly becoming a marketing and customer relationship, Management Company.


The pioneer of augmented sales intelligence software has confirmed the acquisition of Sound concepts as it seeks to become a leading provider of sale and marketing tools. The Acquisition should also expand the company’s footprint into the business of supplying digital technology solutions in the direct sales and affiliate-marketing sector.
According to Sound concepts, Senior Vice President of Digital, Brycen Rhinehart, and a merger of the two companies will result in a unique and effective product, unmatched in the industry.
“The VERB technology and the combined experience of the VERB executive team and board members, coupled with VERB’s successful public offering and listing on NASDAQ, adds enormous resources that will translate into immediate and long-term value for our current and prospective customers,” stated McKinley Oswald, Sound Concepts President."


With the Sound Concept acquisition, Verb Technology has already signed its first client in the name of Stream Energy. The direct selling market leading client is looking to adopt the newly combined digital platform, launched on the merger of the two companies
The new advanced stage joins Sound Concept's Brigtools innovation with Verb's intelligent video innovation, to address the issues of customers with prospects in the immediate selling space. Stream Energy will presently have the capacity to use the new advanced stage to share video-based item and friends data, with imminent customers just as track commitment levels.


Verb Technology has also inked a strategic partnership with Waymark, an art technology company that develops smart marketing tools. Under the terms of the deal, Waymark is to offer Verb’s Technology interactive video technology within its video creation platform.
With the integration, users will be able to track engagement and interact, better, with customers. With the help, Verb’s technology Waymark users should be able to make their videos more engaging with the addition of clickable tags.
“Waymark is a leading-edge, forward-thinking company with amazing video creation tools. Combining our interactive video ‘tagg’ capabilities with Waymark’s platform should produce enormous value for our respective clients, customers, and stockholders,” stated Rory J. Cutaia, CEO of VERB.


A plunge to recent lows could as well have presented an opportunity to buy into a company with tremendous potential on the provision of digital marketing tools. Verb Technology has strengthened its portfolio of digital marketing tools as it continues to position itself to become a leader in the multi-billion-dollar advertising business.
That said the future can only be bright, as Verb Technology digital marketing tools continue to gain traction with users. Overall, we expect a strong bounce, especially once short-sellers start covering.