Enerkon Solar International (OTC Pink: ENKS) Chairman Mr. Benjamin Ballout start that "with regards to our past declarations in regards to the foundation of their new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents as of late Acquired, we are satisfied to prompt that ENKS has consented to a Purchase arrangement for 20% of ALBAYRAKLAR Defense unit a piece of the ALBAYRAK gathering (a multi-year-old Holding organization with high incomes) and as of now have obtained the Patents and Trademarks just as the Pre-deal/Pre request Units for satisfaction through the development of a completely possessed corporate division called Wattoz a Delaware company while Enerkon Technologies Holdings Inc. furthermore, the essential organization of ENKS has 51% offers and control." 

Mr. Ballout further expresses that "the organization has as of late bought and built up a few significant and problematic advancements which are Patented/Trademarked for Minimization and Commercialization during this year and the initial 2 fourth of 2021 – the innovations are as per the following: 

1. Another Pharmaceutical item and treatment at present in preliminaries and afterward up for administrative endorsements. 

2. Aluminum/Electrolyte Fuel Cell (Electric Vehicle Battery) Patented and utilizing another defouling innovation (silver nanoparticles) which supplants other comparable endeavors at business feasibility giving our innovation a green light for commercialization, adaptation, and circulation. The new innovation is 38% lighter and more affordable then lithium cobalt and other current EV batteries underway and doesn't require a costly National reviving Infrastructure as they are traded out at taking an interesting side of the road to advertising establishments shortly and sent for reusing – utilizing a remarkable scanner-based Cloud-driven compensation as-you-use framework that is at or under national market cost for as of now utilized EV Battery innovation and having a range a lot more prominent (1500 Kilometers) – The new innovation at first called the ENKS AL-Ox Battery (energy component) is scheduled for beginning street testing of models for commercialization (Battery processing plant/reusing office ) giving the batteries to EV Car Manufactures overall focused for mid-2021. 

3. ENKS obtained the exchange of all things considered and Rights for new notable Police Hand-Held Stun Gun which is remote and substantially more unrivaled and more secure than the Taser the primary contender organization. The organization Formed an entirely claimed corporate division (Wattozz Holdings Inc) according to the consent to hold the Patent rights and innovation just as the Pre-orders around the world. The organization hopes to settle specialized and budgetary components of the exchange with further designs to up list on NASDAQ once the organization AUDIT for the previous 2 years is finished. Technology and Patents are esteemed by the Bakertilly valuation report at an impressive entirety. Pre requests will be filled by contract producing executed by ENKS. 

4. The organization further obtained rights to new problematic innovation in the Fintech business utilizing AI and other exquisite new innovation and stages at present a work in progress during the current year and Q-1 2021." 

Mr. Ballout in his end explanation today expressed: "we stay energized by the current circumstance even notwithstanding the COVID19 Pandemic and anticipate the remainder of the year and coming a very long time with idealism – New Product Patent/Trademark and Technology income is required to begin during the following Quarter pending positive results from improvement and commercialization exercises in progress now." 

The previous articulations are forward-looking proclamations, and accordingly, they might mirror the outcomes which could happen later on which should be negative or not unfold at all because of conditions or different reasons and financial specialists, investors, or others ought not to depend on these forward-looking explanations to find out any worth if any of ENKS or to settle on any speculation choices and to observe this isn't a proposal to purchase or sell protections or support of ENKS for venture purposes as all venture convey a danger of misfortune now and again a complete loss of your interest in Micro top offers markets or any market and consequently such articulations or plans ought not to be depended upon for any business choices of any sort. 

Endorsement and consents required by government guidelines might be affirmed and if not endorsed may bring about the loss of all worth and all interests in items requiring such administrative authorizations to market and sell. These announcements are made as forward-looking proclamations for instructive purposes just as per the guidelines and guidelines which relate to the equivalent.

Mr. Benjamin Ballout

Enerkon Solar International Inc.:
+1 561-431-7762

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