Wall Street Signals: $ATCLF AdvanceTC Limited Releases Investor Guide with Q&A

$ATCLF AdvanceTC Limited Releases Investor Guide with Q&A


AdvanceTC Limited, (NSX: A88)(OTCQB:ATCLF) the premier technology company specializing in design and development of mobile telecommunication and computing devices is pleased to release an Investor Guide to introduce and inform investors about the achievements and future plans for the Company.

About AdvanceTC Limited

Founded in 2005, AdvanceTC is a premier tech company specializing in the design, development, and commercialization of high-tech mobile wireless computing and telecommunication devices. The company was spotlighted in 2012 for its release of the Magic W3, which is a 4.8" Windows®7 full OS touchscreen microcomputer with voice call functionality. The Magic W3 provides true windowed multitasking, multimedia entertainment, social network connectivity, navigation capability, voice telephony, and the full Internet experience. In 2018 AdvanceTC introduced the World’s First Satellite Android Smartphone with 100% earth coverage.
AdvanceTC is based in Malaysia with its main office in Kuala Lumpur which is about a 1 hour flight from Singapore and a major tech innovation hub in South East Asia. AdvanceTC is the creator of the AdvanceTC brand of mobile computing devices with integrated telephony and have redefined mobile productivity by developing innovative communications devices.

Company CEO, Loi Cheng Pheng, stated, “We have accomplished so much since 2005 we felt it was important for us to inform our new OTC Markets investors about that productive history in Asia as well as future plans. We have many exciting events on the near horizon and we plan to keep the investment community updated regularly with company distributed press releases. We appreciate the enthusiastic response and quality questions we received from the investment community listed in this press release. Stay tuned…..,”

In a nutshell, what does your device do that makes it so unique?

We invented a unique Android satellite smartphone which merges multiple channels and methods of communication into one device which we call multimode-communication. We hold a patent, our device is approved by the FCC in the US, we have identified an isolated market which hasn’t seen innovation in the last 40 years, we innovate relevant services that will only work on our device. This includes multi-mode communication channels namely GSM, Digital Mobile Radio, Terrestrial Trunked Radio, Push-To-Talk, 4G/5G and of course satellite internet, calling and texting. The range of devices also comes with an integrated emergency button and we provide certain customization options for government. We see growth in offering relevant SaaS, DaaS and carrier services. Those services will be quite unique to our offering and only available in combination with the ownership of this device.

What are your past achievements?

We were highlighted in 2012 for the arrival of the Magic W3 which is a 4.8" Windows®7 full OS touchscreen microcomputer with voice call usefulness. The Magic W3 gives genuine windows performing multiple tasks, mixed media amusement, informal organization availability, route capacity, voice communication, and the full web insight. We have effectively assembled and sent the world's first Android satellite cell phone with 100% earth inclusion.

Where does the company manufacture?

We manufacture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Toulouse, France. The factory that produces our phones is a shareholder in our company which gives us a perfect strategic alignment. We follow a rigorous value process in our supply chain to assure the integrity of our brand.

How do you see the growth of the sector and in particular the growth of AdvanceTC?

As national economies become more global and as we travel across all parts of the continents, the oceans, and the atmosphere, the need for effective wireless interconnection via terrestrial wireless and satellite communications will expand. We will continue to innovate services that are relevant to our market and with time increase product inventory so our market share can increase.

Another aspect that makes us a possible unicorn is that we are publicly traded which is more attractive to venture capital and investment banks that can potentially accelerate our growth.

What are the most critical questions relating to your business?

One of the biggest concerns expressed is about our patents held on the existing product and how patents will be registered and enforced for products now in process. The other major concern often raised by investors is related to large established companies or other 5g carriers potentially entering the market and pressuring AdvanceTC out by forcefully inserting similar products in the near future.