Wall Street Signals: Barrel Energy (Stock Symbol: BRLL) is Clean Energy. Partners to Manufacture, Market & Recycle Lithium Battery Projects

Barrel Energy (Stock Symbol: BRLL) is Clean Energy. Partners to Manufacture, Market & Recycle Lithium Battery Projects


Barrel Energy (Stock Symbol: BRLL) is Clean Energy. Partners to Manufacture, Market & Recycle Lithium Battery Projects

Barrel Energy, Inc. (Stock Symbol: BRLL) Moving Forward with Clean Energy Partners to Develop, Manufacture, Market and Recycle Lithium Battery Tech Plus Related Projects for the Emerging Green Energy Sector

 Multi-Venture Company Forced on Green Energy Tech Projects.
 Business Plans with Lithium-Ion Battery Tech for Electric Vehicles.
 MOU with American Lithium Minerals for Production in North America.
 Agreement with Flote App for Digital Currency to Support Green Energy.
 New Technology Center in Nevada for Research and Development.

Barrel Energy, Inc. (BRLL) is focused on several ventures within the energy and minerals sector as well as the rapid development of valuable production opportunities. Current BRLL projects are focused on the Lithium-ion battery business which is increasingly important for the rapidly emerging Electric Vehicle market to support new green energy initiatives. BRLL management is also working to improve its share structure and enhance shareholder value. On March 19th BRLL management posted on Twitter that 8,330,420 shares had just been returned to the company treasury.

 MOU With American Lithium Minerals for Battery Production Facilities

On March 4th BRLL announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enter a partnership with American Lithium

Minerals, Inc (“AMLM”) for production facilities in North America. AMLM is engaged in mineral exploration for lithium and rare earth minerals (REE) in the southwest U.S and is active in Lithium Complexes, intended to process high-grade lithium ore, assemble lithium-ion batteries and recycle spent lithium-ion batteries.

As previously announced, on February 10th, 2021, BRLL signed an exclusive agreement with Roshan Energy Technologies www.roshantechnologies.in/ that will allow for BRLL to become the majority stakeholder in Roshan and the expansion of its Lithium battery facilities in India. Roshan has developed an impressive line of Lithium Battery products for Electric Vehicles, Medical Equipment, Solar street lighting, the telecom industry as well as home energy storage solutions. Barrel and Roshan first plan to make a sizeable impact on the escalating small vehicle EV market in India, a country that has made ambitious policies towards the change to EVs. Roshan has already signed contracts to supply an assortment of manufacturers of two and three-wheeled EVs.

Additionally, the agreement allows for BRLL to establish a U.S.-based manufacturing unit for key Roshan battery products and designs. The MOU is designed to allow BRLL to have its first base for entry into U.S.-based manufacturing and use new selective recycling technologies developed by the Roshan team that offer both crucial waste management and battery metal supply solutions.

Recently BRLL management has held follow-up meetings with Roshan where the teams discussed plans for advanced lithium battery chemistry R&D, battery recycling, a pilot plant for manufacturing in India, refining and manufacturing in the USA with automation, and also lithium recovery from brine.

 Share Purchase Agreement for Strategic Investment and Development with Flote App for Digital Currency

On February 22nd BRLL announced a Share Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with Flote App Inc. (“Flote”), designers of advanced social media, virtual reality, and crypto coins platforms. The BRLL per share purchase price is based upon specific pre-market valuations of Flote and BRLL will be entitled to acquire an aggregate of 45% equity into the company via two-tiered tranches.

Flote has created a massive new Social Network system built on respect for each user’s personal data, privacy, and pocketbook. The all-encompassing Flote platform fully delivers on the internet’s promise of a wholly connected community without big tech censorship, murky guidelines, and infringement. On Flote, people can regain their privacy, express themselves freely, build communities, chat, text, and earn digital money by engagement or providing valuable content. The powerful platform provides a valuable market space with multi-currency wallets and more ways for content providers and creators to monetize their goods and services, even including their content from third-party social applications like Facebook or Twitter.

The BRLL first tranche of Common shares, equal to a 25% interest in the equity of Flote, is based upon a $10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Dollars) valuation; and the second tranche of Common shares of the Company, equal to a further 20% interest, is based upon a $30,000,000.00 (Thirty Million Dollars) valuation for Flote. BRLL has already executed and delivered the first portion of the initial 25% tranche.

BRLL and Flote are currently planning real-world applications for a digital coin that will be integral to the expanding green energy sector. The use of ‘Green Coin’ could serve as a boom to Lithium explorers, producers, exporters, and importers that could rely on a powerful digital currency of trade that replaces the world of the Petro-dollar. Decentralized finance with digital tokens offers optimal flexibility and global use. The BRLL and Flote team-up is committed to creating a new ecosystem that would benefit green energy assets with a smart contract-led liquidity pool that could bypass conventional finance instruments and the inflationary fluctuations of fiat currencies.

BRLL anticipates Flotes’ full public launch will be completed within Q2 of 2021 with shares trading on the U.S., Canada, and Frankfurt exchange. Additionally, BRLL plans to adapt and dedicate its large hemp-acreage in California as a replacement battery recycling area from Nevada as there are potential farming by-products from the technology and it is closer to a population of 9 million people.

 BRLL Appoints Stuart Hensman to Board of Directors

On February 16th BRLL announced the appointment of Mr. Stuart Philip Hensman to the Board of Directors. Mr. Hensman possesses both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degree and has held a number of executive leadership roles setting investment strategy and corporate policies worldwide. He has occupied the position of Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for Scotia Capital Inc. (USA), as Managing Director (Equities) for Scotia Capital Inc (United Kingdom), Chairman of the Board of Governors at CI Funds, Chairman of Board of Creststreet Asset Management and Chairman of the Board of Creststreet Power and Income Fund.

In addition to chairing the above-noted Boards, Mr. Hensman has also chaired Audit, Compensation and Governance, and Nominating Committees on a number of other Boards where he served.

Mr. Hensman joins BRLL at an exciting time of rapid expansion into a number of verticals within the critical aspects of the materials and tech for Electric Vehicles, battery performance, renewables, and integrated devices. Collective technologies that will underpin this decade's multi-billion-dollar market expansion toward zero-carbon solutions.

 Opening of New Technology Center in Nevada

On February 8th BRLL announced the opening of the company’s research and technology center in Las Vegas, NV. The facility will strengthen the BRLL green-energy product development program and various collaborative technology efforts.

BRLL management recognizes the current deficiencies, as well as the massive potential, in the Lithium-ion battery supply chain as market and environmental forces propel the coming dominance of Zero-Emission vehicles with companies like Tesla, GM, Ford, Apple, and others drive this vital technology. Despite their current market share, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are currently the fastest-growing segment of the auto industry.

The new BRLL Technology Center will be the locus for the company’s efforts into Lithium-Ion Battery metal recycling as well as potential battery development and direct metal ion extraction. BRLL intends to immerse itself into the key materials and technology that will underpin this decade's coming surge in EV dominance.

Additionally, a section of the center will be dedicated to developmental support and on-site innovative I.P. efforts as Barrel finalizes its discussions with a number of next-level software and related technology partnerships.

For more information on Barrel Energy, Inc. (BRLL) visit: http://www.barrelenergyandtech.com

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