Wall Street Signals: Can B Corp. Enters the Industrial Hemp Business

Can B Corp. Enters the Industrial Hemp Business


Can B Corp. (OTCQB:CANB) ("Can B" or the "Company"), a diversified health and wellness company, is pleased to announce its recent purchases of additional equipment in order to increase production at its industrial hemp facility in Colorado.

In addition to the hemp growing and cultivations already underway in CO and NY under our Botanical Biotech division, the Company is entering the industrial hemp business. Fresh from a farm equipment auction in CO, the Company acquired the basic equipment to grow and harvest industrial hemp. The equipment includes specially modified for hemp combines, grapplers, forage wagons, a semi-tractor/ trailer and a plethora of additional equipment for a full-on grow and harvest, all purchases for dimes on the dollar.

For the unenlightened, Industrial hemp is an unbelievably valuable plant, one said to have in a real sense a huge number of uses. Modern hemp ranchers will in general intend to develop the plants up, not out similar to the case with therapeutic cannabis - and the taller, the better when developed for fiber. This is on the grounds that a portion of the incredible worth of modern hemp in fiber-based applications is principally in its tail. Mechanical hemp is likewise developed at very high thickness.

Industrial hemp can grow to 5 meters high, with very long fibers. The stem is comprised of the outer "bark" or bast, sought after for textiles; and the inner material called hurd, which is used for other applications. Another very valuable component of industrial hemp is the seed, which is technically a nut. Industrial hemp is a very hardy plant, able to be hard grown in areas where other crops will fail. It can withstand periods of drought, heat, and frost and also be cultivated without pesticides or other chemicals. The plant grows quite quickly, achieving heights of 4 meters in four months. The plant is easy to work with and can be readily transformed into an amazing array of products and used in a multitude of applications, including stock fodder, ropes and cordage, fiberboard, insulation, plastics, hempcrete, clothing and textiles and more.

The Company is currently in discussions with wholesale groups for off-take agreements for our anticipated hemp fiber grows.

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