Wall Street Signals: Discovery Minerals Announces Official Launch of the Discovery Minerals Coin.

Discovery Minerals Announces Official Launch of the Discovery Minerals Coin.


Discovery Minerals LTD (OTC PINK: DSCR), the precious metals exploration and production company, is pleased to announce the launch of its Discovery Minerals Coin, a utility cryptocurrency.

The Discovery Minerals Coin ("DSC") is what is known as a Tethered Coin, whereby once fully distributed DSC will have a total of 2,100 Bitcoin, 2,100 Ethereum, 2,100 ounces of Gold, and 2,100 ounces of silver "backing" the coin.

For more information on the Discovery Minerals Coin please go directly to the company's website https://discoverymineralscoin.com/. Upon the completion of this initial phase, the Company plans on listing the Discovery Minerals Coin (DSC) on various centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

"We have effectively created a lot of interest for the acquisition of the Discovery Minerals Coin, and its utility as a technique for installment will additionally fuel its interest," said Russell Smith, President, and CEO of Discovery Minerals Ltd. "Our coin, combined with our mineral stores and improvements offers potential long haul esteem creation for our investors and partners" further added Mr. Smith.

About Discovery Minerals Ltd

Discovery Minerals Ltd. (OTC PINK: DSCR) is an acquisition and development company that targets natural resource properties and cutting-edge technology opportunities through its subsidiaries. The Board of Directors has determined that these activities be continued with an emphasis on early positive cash flow from any projects undertaken.

About Discovery Minerals Coin : 0xf4a9b9311d5167dc36e6b39f5c0baaa60bbcbbc1

Total Supply : 210,000,000
Phase I Price: $2.00 (50 coin minimum)
Symbol: DSC

Discovery Minerals Ltd.

SOURCE: Discovery Minerals Ltd.