Wall Street Signals: Healixa, Inc. (Stock Symbol: EMOR) a Healthcare Company with Valuable New Pharmacy Assets & now offers Global Rideshares

Healixa, Inc. (Stock Symbol: EMOR) a Healthcare Company with Valuable New Pharmacy Assets & now offers Global Rideshares


Healixa, Inc. (Stock Symbol: EMOR) is a Quickly Evolving Global Healthcare Company with Valuable New Pharmacy Assets and a Fintech Oriented Approach a healthcare technology company delivering seamless and instant virtual care from your smartphone by combining health tech and fintech to offer digital pharmacy, virtual patient monitoring, and digital pharmacy subscription services,

EMOR announced that its new global rideshare relationship will enable “last-mile” delivery services of prescriptions directly to the customers’ doorsteps nationwide.

By launching with a global rideshare operation, Healixa expedites its ability to service customers in almost any large metropolitan area and quickly penetrate those markets.

 Strategic Plan Combining Advanced Healthtech and Fintech Solutions.

 Focus on Healing the Fragmented User Experience by Blending the Various Elements of the Digital Assets.

 5-Star Pharmacy Acquisitions in Texas.

 Launch of New Rx Brand Name, PurelyRx focused on a healing theme.

 Formation of Nationally Recognized Medical Advisory Committee.

 Joint Venture with Swys Expanding Intellectual Property and Products.

Healixa, Inc. (EMOR) is a technology company with assets in both health tech and fintech. The EMOR public first methodology is intended to refine care by means of direction-driven moral designing works on, conveying straightforward answers for complex worldwide difficulties. EMOR offers esteem-based tech answers for big business accomplice channels across a wide scope of enterprises including manager benefits, travel, pharma, coordinations, and the sky is the limit from there.

EMOR utilizes moral designing practices to wed code and care, making excellent client encounters. Joining explicit components of the organization's health tech and fintech resources has been the EMOR fundamental concentration and a significant achievement. With the two businesses rapidly extending, EMOR is interestingly situated to gain by the combination of two significant-tech portions which will introduce huge freedoms for current and future EMOR items inside the commercial center.

 Official Name Change to Healixa, Inc. Effective April 28, 2021

On April 28thEMOR announced that it received notice from FINRA that the Company’s name has been officially changed from Emerald Organic Products Inc. (the “Former Name”) to Healixa Inc. (the “Updated Name”). The Company’s common shares will continue to trade under the ticker “EMOR” on the OTC markets. The CUSIP number assigned to the Company’s shares following the name change to the Updated Name is 57387H105.No action is required to be taken by shareholders with respect to the name change. Outstanding share certificates are not affected by the name change and do not need to be exchanged.

The new name more accurately reflects the EMOR mission to democratize access to healing technologies by developing superior and innovative products, services, and offerings around our digital on-demand ecosystem. The name Healixa will become synonymous with ethically engineered, paradigm-shifting technologies that will impact the world around us in a profound and positive way.

 Abana Health Pharmacy Acquisition

On April 27thEMOR announced the purchase of Abana Health Pharmacy (“Abana”), a community retail pharmacy, in Conroe, Texas (“Conroe”) near Houston. This follows on the heels of the announcement on March 19th that EMOR had Acquired 5 Star Pharmacy LLC in Allen, Texas.

Abana Health Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy where pharmacists store, prepare, and dispense medicinal preparations and/or prescriptions for a local patient population. Current services include counseling patients and caregivers (sometimes independent of the dispensing process); conducting COVID-19 testing, administering vaccinations; and providing other professional services associated with pharmaceutical care such as health screenings, consultative services with other health care providers, collaborative practice, medication management, patient monitoring, and education classes. Abana accepts most insurances and benefits managers including CVS/Caremark, Optum, Humana, Express Scripts, Prime Therapeutics, and more, while also supporting patient advocacy services to assist the underinsured and the uninsured.

Abana Health Pharmacy is located in southern Texas near the Houston-metro area. According to the Conroe Economic Development Council, Conroe is one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States and is rated A for diversity by Niche Rankings.

 EMOR Announces its New Rx Brand Name, PurelyRx

On April 26thEMOR announced the company’s newly developed brand, PurelyRx. The launch of the PurelyRx brand is a continuation of the Company’s extensive rebranding effort, focused on creating “healing” brands that are simplistic and memorable.

EMOR continues to execute on its national pharmacy business plan rollout and deployment of the Company's Rx application, for which EMOR partnered to pilot with a globally recognized, tech-enabled last-mile logistics company. Retail pharmacy is a $500 billion industry that is currently reliant on expensive physical locations to drive foot traffic. Most central processing software systems in the market that manage prescriptions are outdated or unable to integrate their Application Programming Interface (“API”) to newly developed systems within the virtual care market. EMOR has turned these very challenges into opportunities by building a platform that gives all participants, including patients, doctors, pharmacists, and payors, a modern digital user experience while simultaneously addressing backend platform flexibility and compatibility.

 EMOR to Establish Nationally Recognized Medical Advisory Committee

On April 15thEMOR announced the formalization of a nationally recognized Medical Advisory Committee. The EMOR seasoned group of medical professionals announces they have been in stealth mode for several months while the organization continued its pursuit to formalize a Medical Advisory Committee comprised of physicians and health care professionals with considerable experience in nationally recognized healthcare organizations and academic institutions like CVS, Optum, Aon, Yale-New Haven Health, Rutgers University, University of Southern California, and many others.

The EMOR Medical Advisory committee sparked the interest of visionary healthcare innovators and professionals who believed that care and code needed an ethical foundation upon which to build. This Medical Advisory Committee was established to guide EMOR companies by representing the voices of physicians, healthcare professionals, and patients nationally.

The roles of each advisory member include serving as a conduit for input on key initiatives, leading clinical product development and process improvement, providing insights on scientific and medical innovations, and contributing as healthcare thought leaders and advocates for the communities and professionals for whom EMOR is focused on serving.

Amidst ongoing reform in healthcare and the big tech healthcare movement, the need for physician collaboration and leadership is critical. The EMOR Medical Advisory Committee will focus on health innovation and cost-effective short- and long-term care, clinically sound ethical tech-enabled solutions.

 Joint Venture with Swys Inc., Combining Health Tech and Fintec

On January 19thEMOR announced a joint venture with Swys Inc that furthers the company’s vision, key business-building strategies, and new product developments, by significantly expanding on its intellectual property and suite of tech-enabled products.

Under the terms of the agreement, Swys Inc contributed its robust portfolio of health and financial digital applications to the joint venture. The technology will assist in improving margins throughout EMOR core business. In addition, the Joint Venture assumes revenue-generating contracts that it will look to build upon through 2021. The Joint Venture furthers the EMOR vision, key business-building strategies, and new product developments, by significantly expanding on its intellectual property and suite of tech-enabled products.

Swys Inc was founded and operated by Joseph Akintolayo and has been recognized for both his commercial and philanthropic applications. Mr. Akintolayo is a leader in the African American community and through his product, MyCaresAct, a platform built to robotically process economic relief, he played a pivotal role in helping to save over 100 minority-owned businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on Healixa, Inc. (EMOR) visit https://www.healixa.com