Wall Street Signals: Sports Venues of Florida (OTCMKTS: BTHR) Releases Management Report for the Week Ended May 22, 2021

Sports Venues of Florida (OTCMKTS: BTHR) Releases Management Report for the Week Ended May 22, 2021


Sports Venues of Florida, Inc., (OTCMKTS: BTHR) (“Sports Venues of Florida”, “BTHR”, or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the youth sports, family sports entertainment, and eSports markets, announces Discord membership continues to grow at a rapid pace and the Company welcomes a new Sponsorship Salesperson. 

This week, our Discord continues to grow at a rapid pace, passing 5,500 members this week, keeping us on track to hit the 6,000-member milestone in June and our goal of 10,000 Discord members and overall participants by the end of the year. The Company had 11,000 unique Twitch viewers during the month of April.

The Company welcomes Suzanne Kirby a new Sponsorship Salesperson. Mrs. Kirby has 24 years of experience in sales and marketing, new customer acquisition, revenue generation creative thinking, and customer relations. She will be an invaluable team member of our company. Suzanne had this to say: “ I am so excited to be joining the Shadow Gaming/GGToor team! I am a native of Jacksonville, FL, graduated from Florida State University (go Noles), and have had many years of sales and marketing experience.  I am looking forward to learning and growing with this amazing company.”

We are pleased to announce the continuation of Betadwarf to sponsor the next Minion Masters event; so far, they have contributed $2,700 to sponsor events. Our players continued to show strong interest in our events for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links!  Showdown #4 drew over 350 registrations. The Meta was diverse, with 11 different deck types making it into the Top 32!

The Company is starting our first play-over-time tournament this weekend, a team event for Clash Royale. 40+ teams will battle it out over the weeks ahead, with the last 4 Teams standing set to face off during the Grand Finale stream in July for the cash prizes!

A week ago's in the Clash Royale top cut, Lucas wound up against Shakshak, however, his uber knight was not the appropriate response he required against the foe's cronies, and with the extra meta puff, a cost was taken on his mixture. The match between Divided by nothing and Venificious was likewise a decent one, with the two players utilizing comparative meta decks, including brutes and Royal Giant, however, Venificious dominated the last match of the match with a decent call, utilizing a meta counter deck. 

In the Grand finale, Shakshak took on Venificious, with Shakshak utilizing his go-to deck with mortars and trolls. Venificious cost himself the main game with a helpless utilization of remedy at the start of the match, and incapable to return from the terrible opener. In the subsequent match, Venificious had the option to recuperate and tie the arrangement at 1-1 yet missed the mark regarding the rebound when he neglected to get a counter for mortar game #3. Congrats to Shakshak, the new GGToor Clash Royale Champion!

The 6th GGToor Chill TCG Cup saw 200 fantastic competitors come out, for another amazing weekend of Pokemon TCG Online competition. Familiar faces, as well as new faces, were ready to prove themselves as players, battling it out in best-of-three sets for almost the entire weekend.

The Metagame for this tournament was surprisingly well distributed. The new expansion to the Pokemon TCG - Battle Styles, has brought in several changes which can be viewed most apparent looking at the deck distribution for this weekend’s event. One thing that remains true, is that ADP was yet again, the most played deck for the event - with 33 players (17% of the meta) choosing to pilot the deck. Eternity was 2nd with 21 players, Pikarom was 3rd with 17 players and from here on, things get more interesting. Mewtwo & Mew was the 4th most played deck with 15 players, and Mewtwo-Urshifu was 5th at 13. Both decks have recently gained popularity, being obvious counters to the influx in Rapid Strike Urshifu, which exploded onto the scene a short while ago. The rest of the decks to see play included Lucmetal, Tempozard, Rapid Strike Urshifu, and Mewtwo-Rillaboom.

Day #1 of the competition saw some of our regular GGToor competitors having expected success. Players like Gabriel Smart, Vitor Lugon, Logan Mckay, and Jake Gearhart were all within the top 10 seeded players after day #1. The collection of decks that made it into our 2nd day of competition was vastly diverse, having 13 different types of decklists move onto the second phase of the competition. Pikachu & Zekrom once again showed how consistent the archetype is in a best-of-three format, being the most common deck to perform well in day #1. Half of the players within the top 8 of day #1 were piloting Pikarom decks. The main surprise from our first day of play was SestoSento’s Altaria deck, which was the only deck of its kind in the entire tournament and went 7-1-1 on day #1 - taking the #3 seed.

Day #2 saw 32 of our best performing players show up, ready to compete for the limited 8 spots for our final phase of the competition. The metagame remained similar, and Pikarom showed its potential once again, consisting of half of the decks that made it into the top 8 brackets. Familiar faces filled the top 8 brackets, with Vitor Lugon, Logan Mckay, Sesto Sento, and Gabriel Smart all being players to make it deep into our tournament in previous iterations. We also saw players from 7 different countries populate our top 8 brackets.

Our first round of play in the top 8 saw Gabriel Smart’s Pikarom win over newbies Tempozard, Vitor Lugon’s Pikarom take the win over chicken-donburi i's ADP, SestoSento’s Altaria deck swiftly defeat Tommie’s Pikarom, and Fabian Robledo’s ADP squeezes a win over Anti’s Pikarom. The top 4 consisted of coming off a heated Pikarom mirror match, with Vitor Lugon barely taking the win over Gabriel Smart. Fabian Robledo’s ADP moved on as well, toppling SestoSento’s Altaria deck, giving us a classic ADP vs. Pikarom finals match. Vitor Lugon would once again prove his proficiency with the Pikarom archetype, coming out on top with a decisive 2-0 victory over Fabian in the grand finals.

Want to participate? Find the plan that best suits you; can choose the Bronze Plan, Gold Plan, or Diamond Plan https://ggtoor.com/join.php.  If you want to be an organizer, bring your team or friends to GGtoor.com; we can help you grow and support you so you can reach a worldwide audience of similar-minded individuals that like to compete and have fun; you can be sure that GGToor.com is here to grow with you. Just follow the link to sign up as an organizer https://ggtoor.com/organizerlogin.php if you have any questions about our events visit Discord https://discord.gg/GUhyZxFH8Q, https://twitter.com/ggtoor/, https://www.twitch.tv/ggtoor, https://www.facebook.com/eShadowGaming

If your organization would like to be part of this growth and would like to work with Shadow Gaming, contact us at luis@shadowgamingtv.com/

About BTHR

Sports Venues of Florida, Inc., is a developmental stage company engaged in the business of eSports, and the development of youth sports and family entertainment complexes. The company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shadow Gaming, Inc., has aggressively entered the eSports market. Shadow Gaming’s new portal GGToor.com has been launched and is one of the most comprehensive gaming portals in the world. The Company is now accepting subscriptions from players, gamers, and tournament organizers. To register log on to . In addition, the company plans on operating a few subsidiary companies from high-tech data management businesses to product and support businesses. Finally, the Company is actively looking for locations to build indoor eSports arenas that will host major international gaming tournaments.

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