Wall Street Signals: KULR Technology Group CEO On Stock Beginning Trading On NYSE

KULR Technology Group CEO On Stock Beginning Trading On NYSE

KULR Technology Group (KULR) develops, manufactures, and licenses next-gen carbon fiber thermal management technologies for batteries and electronic systems. The stock was uplisted to the NYSE. The company's CEO weighs in on how it impacts electric vehicles and energy storage batteries, in addition to developing a partnership with NASA.

KULR Technology Group, Inc. (OTC: KULR) on Your Radar:
  • The company is trading on a public platform and is in the growth phase after years of investing in its unique technology! The company also has PLENTY of cash on hand has raised $8 million in gross proceeds from the sale of its common stock and warrants!
  • KULR has become a pioneer in thermal (cooling) management technology with its carbon fiber thermal interface material. The material offers superior thermal conductivity and heat dissipation properties. It is ultra-lightweight and flexible in that it can fit most power or electronic configurations, and was designed for space exploration and defense applications where efficient cooling is paramount.
  • In October 2020, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that KULR’s design solutions could stop fires and explosions in lithium-ion battery packs, and provides additional insights on the future of safe battery technology.
  • Everyone is chasing after the holy grail of battery safety, but KULR may have the safest efficient material on the market!
  • The company has been in a long-standing collaboration with NASA, which has said that to this date, a design solution with as much promise has NOT been found
  • The Mars Perseverance was not even  KULR’s first project high-profile NASA mission. In 2017, the company designed a system to keep the components from freezing during NASA’s NICER mission which explored deep space neutron stars. The company also collaborated on a project to safely ship to and store laptop batteries aboard the International Space Station using KULR’s Thermal Runaway Shield (TRS) technology!
  • KULR has more than 30 contracts with NASA and deals with the Department of Transportation, U.S. Air Force, and other government agencies in projects that are critical to the country’s national security interests!
  • The company’s technology prevents battery explosions in the International Space Station! NASA picked the company’s Thermal Runaway Shield (TRS) because its proprietary carbon-fiber technology handles heat better than anything else on the market.
  • KULR is also working with some of the largest car companies in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution! The company has formed a partnership with Andretti Technologies (ATEC), is the official thermal management and battery safety provider to electric SUV extreme racing team Andretti United Extreme E, and is supplying products to the Drako GTE, one of the world’s fastest all-electric supercars!
  • In 2020, KULR’s passive propagation resistant (PPR) packaging solution was chosen by Americase, which works with virtually every manufacturer of consumer electronics and is the world’s most widely used return packaging provider for damaged, defective, or recalled lithium batteries.
  • Despite the tremendous potential that drones hold, their adoption rate is strongly affected by battery-related safety risks as well as technical issues such as energy densities of batteries and weight. KULR’s energy-efficient battery pack platform incorporates an inherently safe and lighter battery with advanced chemistry and thermal management technology. For drone makers, that means a drone can fly farther and longer on a single charge!
  • The company is also working with the Marshall Space Flight Center, evaluating a dual-use opportunity to integrate its technology into 3D-printed battery systems for manned and robotic space applications.
  • Hypersonics are a top research-and-development priority for the Pentagon. A Congressional Research Services report in December 2020 shows that the Pentagon’s FY2021 budget request for all hypersonic-related research is $3.2 billion, up from $2.6 billion in the prior year’s request. KULR is adapting its technology to serve the needs of next-generation hypersonic weapons!