Wall Street Signals: Bergio International Inc. Officially Acquires GearBubble

Bergio International Inc. Officially Acquires GearBubble

Looks to Gain $20 Million in 2021 Gross Revenue from Purchase

Bergio International Inc. (OTC PINK: BRGO), a global trailblazer in the jewelry design and manufacturing industry, officially acquires GearBubble's assets for $3.162 million. The addition of 51% of GearBubble's assets purports to increase BRGO's gross sales, adding an additional estimated $20 million. With this purchase, alongside the acquisition of Aphrodite's in February, the company is estimated to have a 5000% increase in gross revenue this year.

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GearBubble is a B2B web-based business satisfaction stage that attempts to further develop the client experience through a mix with Amazon, Etsy, and the sky are the limit from there. In 2020 alone, the organization had $27 million in income and was productive. Despite the fact that GearBubble has sold adornments before, the previous stock needed quality and they didn't have the right merchant to fulfill a high need. By joining BRGO, they will gain admittance to great gems with shocking and exceptional plans for a reasonable expense. Their interest will likewise be met because of Bergio's upward coordination and power over the assembling and speed of creation. 

BRGO is a significant rival in the gems business in plan and assembling, however, the obtaining of GearBubble hopes to make the organization a further expert in the web-based business space. GearBubble gives them admittance to the entirety of its B2B clients and thus their B2C clients, which considers an enlarged reach to a totally new client base.

The advantages do not end there. GearBubble also opens the doors to countless new product categories, especially in the gifting category. This allows BRGO to utilize the e-commerce technology from GearBubble- along with Aphrodite's technology- to expand its footprint online to sell directly to consumers, especially in the bridal jewelry niche. The pandemic greatly impacted this segment with a spike in engagement ring sales, an increase in the overall ticket price, and a major shift to online shopping. The current online jewelry market only has three major websites selling diamond bridal jewelry direct to consumers. BRGO intends on not only joining but also standing out in this specific industry. It will be the only vertically integrated company on the market, allowing for competitive pricing and significantly higher quality. This expansion is expected to lead to exceptional and industry-shaking growth for BRGO.

The transaction between BRGO and GearBubble is a transformative one. Bergio International paid in cash and acquires 51% of the company's assets with no lasting debt. GearBubble only furthers BRGO's ascension to the top of the jewelry industry. With GearBubble, the company projects to increase its yearly revenue of 2021 to an additional $20 million, but that is not including Aphrodite's nor BRGO's profits. The trinity of GearBubble, Aphrodite's, and BRGO will likely bring in $30 million for 2021. The year 2022 will be the first full year the three will have worked together, which will have a powerful impact on profits for the company.

Aphrodite is a fast-growing e-tailer for jewelry. 'Aphrodite's and GearBubble are just the beginning,' says Berge Abajian, CEO of Bergio International. 'We're looking at other opportunities and our goal is to be the leader in the e-commerce jewelry space in 2022. Now that we have the top tech team in this arena, we're looking forward to expanding Bergio e-commerce which will include Bridal and Fine Jewelry to compete with major e-commerce sites in the Fine Jewelry Industry. The advantage that we have is that we're vertically integrated, which other sites have failed to provide to their customer base.'

BRGO is a company that prides itself on its individuality and fine jewelry. Every piece it crafts is created with the utmost care and individuality, ensuring it isn't in the likeness of a previous piece of the company's or its competitors. Much like its gems, BRGO selects the companies with which it ingrates while being meticulous, careful, and client-oriented. Both Aphrodite's and GearBubble are proposed to take BRGO's profits and vision to even further heights this year and beyond.

For more information on GearBubble, please visit https://www.gearbubble.com.

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The Bergio brand, the primary portfolio asset, is associated with high-quality, handcrafted, and individually designed pieces with a European sensibility, Italian craftsmanship, and a bold flair for the unexpected. Established in 1995, Bergio's signature innovative design, coupled with extraordinary diamonds and precious stones, earned the company recognition as a highly sought-after purveyor of rare and exquisite treasures from around the globe. With family jewelry roots reaching back to the 1930s, founder, CEO, and designer Berge Abajian is a third-generation jeweler, blending superior knowledge in design and manufacturing to create unparalleled collections in craftsmanship and style. The Bergio brand features fine jewelry, silver fashion jewelry, bridal, couture, and leather accessories, ranging in price from $50 to $250,000. For further information, please visit www.bergio.com.