Wall Street Signals: CGrowth Capital Provides Business Update and Strategic Planning

CGrowth Capital Provides Business Update and Strategic Planning

CGrowth Capital, Inc. (OTC Pink: CGRA) (the "Company"), alternative asset management and emerging growth markets company, is pleased to update the market on current events and strategic planning.

The Company continues to stay focused on expansion plans of its Washington state cannabis facility, securing necessary growth funding, and making progress on its’ NutriLife CBD business launch. Towards that end, the Company included in its business development plans the inclusion of strategic partners and the production of Delta-8 products. Delta-8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and derived from hemp, but unlike Delta-9 (THC), it is legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill and is not prohibited under federal law.

As well as squeezing forward on cannabis and hemp drives, the Company, as a component of a methodology to smooth out, will be attempting to strip certain monetary record nonpartisan resources that have restricted our capacity to finish reviews and position ourselves for uplisting to a completely detailing organization. Considering that, specific non-performing unfamiliar and homegrown resources will be stripped to pay off our general obligation burden and openness to advertise the change. The moves will prepare for effectively evaluating and detailing. Further subtleties will be given as ultimate choices and courses of action have been made.

About CGrowth Capital, Inc.:

CGrowth Capital, Inc. The Company continues to serve as an alternative asset management company for businesses and assets focused on all aspects of mining, minerals, exploration, commercial real estate, and emerging markets. The processing of metal ore mining and oil and gas production are multi-billion-dollar market opportunities that are capitalized on through processing, sales, contracting, and licensing of assets. CGrowth Capital’s services and solutions are designed to assist landowners with monetizing undervalued assets by bringing commodities such as gold, silver, and oil and gas to market. CGrowth Capital will focus on acquiring land assets, while also providing partners and affiliates with management services, capital, contract management, and logistical services necessary for the successful execution of operations. Through wholly-owned subsidiaries, the Company has begun to strategically leverage real estate assets for maximum value within newly developing industries currently underway in Washington State and across the United States, including that in the cannabis and hemp markets.

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