Wall Street Signals: GGTOOR, Inc., (OTCMKTS:GTOR) Announces Management Report For The Week Ended August 7, 2021

GGTOOR, Inc., (OTCMKTS:GTOR) Announces Management Report For The Week Ended August 7, 2021

GGTOOR, Inc., (OTCMKTS: GTOR) an emerging leader in the eSports markets, announces that this week, the Company drew over 2,300 people registering for our first Garena Free Fire event, more than doubling our prior record for the most people registering for a single event!

 This weekend was another quadruple-header, which also included events for Apex Legends, Minion Masters, and Pokemon TCG Online; these additional 3 events drew a combined total of over 1,000 more registrations, so we're off to an incredibly explosive start for the month of August!

Our Discord participation additionally keeps on showing strong development, and we keep on searching for better approaches to grow the sorts of occasions we offer. As our measurements develop, so does the worth of what GGToor can offer to the backers who work with us! 
The eSports business is an exceptionally unpredictable climate that is persistently advancing. Because of these advancements, there are momentous changes that upset the business at regular intervals or thereabouts. Such an advancement might bring about a rectification, however, it features the significance of making a plan of action to adapt to the crowd. GGToor is exceptionally mindful of the difficulties that will be coming in our direction and the "business versatility model" that we use empowers us to adjust to the various difficulties progressively. This will be reflected in the income streams that we hope to develop soon. 

Other than the danger of each eSports plan of action, associations need to oversee the danger concerning future advancements identified with new business sectors, new games, and a continuous fracture of the eSports business. The eSports business will keep on developing, despite the fact that the scene and structure of the partners might change. 
Working with HisAndHersLive, the Apex Legends kill race occasion this end of the week was a triumph. Offering a $1,000 USD prize pool, we saw enrollment for this most recent occasion in the JukaBowl series develop, as did the opposition - when the residue settled, the scoreboard flaunted the most elevated scores we've yet seen: more than 20 groups found the middle value of 24 kills for each game, and the victors posted a crazy 43 kill game to take the success! 
Our Minion Masters competition saw new players join to contend with the veterans, remembering the arrival of another legend for the game, Memfisto! While Memfisto didn't come to the finals this time, we saw different veterans acquire the best positions on the leaderboard for this occasion. 

The Winner's Bracket Finals included DeathShoott (DSOO) against dragoN. DSOO took the initial two games, and dragoN combat back to tie up the series at 2-2. The converse breadth dream was squashed as DSOO's Milloween outmaneuvered dragoN's Apep! Going down to the lower section, dragoN went head to head against another profoundly gifted contender, Katt. With the series tied 1-1, we partook in an incredible show as an epic Volvo reflect the match, expanding admirably into Mana Frenzy. After a great fight, dragoN, at last, defeated Katt to get the success and go up 2-1. The mythical serpent then, at that point had the option to finish off the series by beating Katt's Rambo with Apep to acquire a rematch against DeathShoott in the Grand Final.

In the Grand finals, DSOO opened with Apep and took game 1 against Halloween, however, dragoN quickly returned to tie the series at 1-1, beating Milloween with Volvo. In-game 3, DSOO changed to Diona and took a 2-1 series lead by beating dragoN's App. In what was to eventually be the last round of the competition, DSOO picked King Puff and had the option to take the success against Halloween, making DeathShoott the new supreme GGToor Minion Masters Champion!

Want to participate? Find the plan that best suits you! You can choose between the Bronze Plan, Gold Plan, and Diamond Plan: https://GGToor.com/join.php. If you want to bring your team or friends to GGToor.com or be a Tournament Organizer, we can support you and help you grow; you can reach a worldwide audience of similar-minded individuals that like to compete and have fun! You can be sure that GGToor.com is here to grow with you. Just follow the link to sign up as an organizer https://GGToor.com/organizerlogin.php If you have any questions about our events visit our socials; Discord https://discord.gg/GUhyZxFH8Q, Twitter https://twitter.com/GGToor/, twitch https://www.twitch.tv/GGToor, and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eShadowGaming

If your organization would like to be part of this growth and work with Shadow Gaming, contact us at luis@shadowgamingtv.com

About GTOR

GGTOOR, Inc., is a developmental stage company engaged in the business of eSports. The company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shadow Gaming, Inc., has aggressively entered the eSports market. Shadow Gaming's portal GGToor.com is continually being customized and upgraded, with the goal of becoming one of the most comprehensive gaming portals in the world. The Company is now accepting subscriptions from players, gamers, and tournament organizers. To register log on to https://GGToor.com/home.php. In addition, the company plans on operating a few subsidiary companies from high-tech data management businesses to product and support businesses. Finally, the Company is actively looking for locations to build indoor eSports arenas that will host major international gaming tournaments.

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