Wall Street Signals: Megola Retires Common Stock to Treasury

Megola Retires Common Stock to Treasury

19,500,000 Common Shares back to Treasury.

CEO initiates an investigation into past stock issuances that may be eliminated.

Megola, Inc. (OTC PINK: MGON) (the "Company"), Megola Inc is a Nevada Corporation with its Corporate office located in Bonita Springs, FL, and traded under the symbol MGON on the OTC Market. Megola is a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Service Company. Megola through product and technology acquisitions has grown to have its own E-commerce Branding Division, Service Department, Licensing Division, Franchise Division all maintaining Megola's diverse manufactured product portfolios which allows the company to integrate into several vertical sales markets worldwide. Megola controls every aspect from manufacturing to distribution of all the patented product lines giving it the best-case scenario in every competitive market space. Megola's team oversees all quality controls, product registrations and ensures customer satisfaction along with generating excellent shareholder value and growth. Megola is excited to be able to help the health and well-being of people throughout the world in a conscious eco-friendly approach. As the world continues to become more "green" focused and a greater emphasis is placed on identifying environmentally sound solutions, Megola will benefit from our unwavering vision of providing superior solutions that support a sustainable future for all.

"We were able to reduce our outstanding common shares by 19,500,000 and I am currently investigating with our corporate team of past issuances of our common stock. Since bringing the company back in good standing we have determined that some previous managements may have issued stock that might not have been valid, so I owe it to our shareholders to review the history of the company as we move it forward. Currently, there are over 20 million more common shares in certificate form that are being reviewed to cancel with proper legal procedures" states Megola CEO, Robert Gardiner.

OS reduced from 254,595,060 to 235,095,060

Held at DTC 172,997,216

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