Wall Street Signals: Healthy Extracts Launches High-Potency Organic Citrus Bergamot Formulations with Clinically Proven Heart Benefits, Available Exclusively on Amazon

Healthy Extracts Launches High-Potency Organic Citrus Bergamot Formulations with Clinically Proven Heart Benefits, Available Exclusively on Amazon

Healthy Extracts Inc. ( HYEX), a leading innovator of clinically proven plant-based products for heart and brain health, has launched two new high-potency natural formulations, Organic Citrus Bergamot for Women and Organic Citrus Bergamot, available today only on Amazon.

The two formulations contain the world's strongest bergamot extract, Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™. Offered exclusively in North America by Healthy Extracts, Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit has the highest quality and concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids (BPF).

These natural substances have been shown by more than 17 clinical studies to possess powerful health benefits for the heart and metabolism, including maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. One study published in the renowned International Journal of Cardiology demonstrated that the combination of BPF with rosuvastatin, one of the most prescribed drugs for reducing cardiometabolic risk, significantly enhanced the beneficial effect of rosuvastatin.

“These two proprietary formulations complement our BergaMet North America product line by offering consumers additional price points, selection, and dosage levels,” stated Healthy Extracts president, Duke Pitts. “We chose Amazon for this major launch because of their ability to reach a broad scope of online shoppers.”

According to the CDC, nearly 94 million adults aged 20 years or older in the U.S. have high cholesterol levels which put them at risk of heart disease. An estimated 35 million people have been prescribed statins each year in just the U.S., many of whom experience negative side effects.

“For the millions of people who suffer from high cholesterol, blood pressure, and imbalanced blood sugar levels, we believe these all-natural, clinically proven formulations will help improve and optimize their heart health,” added Pitts. “We see this as a vast market opportunity to drive continued sales growth. In fact, given current sales trends, we expect the market opportunity for citrus bergamot on Amazon to double in size over the next year, as Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit becomes more widely recognized as the new superfruit for cardiovascular health.”

Designed to be naturally effective for women’s health, Organic Citrus Bergamot for Women contains highly concentrated citrus bergamot tablets with a daily dosage of 1,500 milligrams. This ingredient has been clinically proven to maintain healthy cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar.

The product is a strong anti-inflammatory that helps boost blood glucose metabolism, naturally, balance blood sugar, and lower cholesterol and triglycerides. It also supports a more robust immune system, memory and helps manage weight.

Organic Citrus Bergamot is suitable for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness by providing a daily dosage of 1,500 milligrams of Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit. It has been clinically proven to maintain healthy cholesterol levels while supporting balanced blood sugar levels and memory.

The product’s anti-inflammatory properties help boost blood glucose metabolism and protect cells by boosting the defense against oxidative damage and other stressors, resulting in a slow-down of the cell’s aging process.

Both formulations are vegan friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, fully organic, and made and tested in certified U.S. facilities. Backed by clinical testing, these products contain the highest strength and potency of Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit and are the only bergamot extract available that have been approved by the prestigious Academia Del Bergamotto in Calabria, Italia.

The most important active ingredient in citrus bergamot formulations is the BPF which supports heart and cardiovascular health. Using Healthy Extracts’ unique extraction process, its formulations maintain industry-leading BPF levels. This ensures consumers receive the ultimate natural heart support.

Visit Amazon today to order Organic Citrus Bergamot for women and for everyone while supplies last for these limited-edition products.

To learn more about and Healthy Extracts’ Citrus Bergamot and other products, go to bergametna.com and tryubn.com.

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Healthy Extracts Inc. is a platform for developing or acquiring science-forward, clinically proven, plant-based, and proprietary products in select high-growth categories within the multibillion-dollar nutraceuticals market.

The company’s subsidiaries, BergametNA™ and Ultimate Brain Nutrients™ (UBN) offer nutraceutical natural heart and brain health supplements. This includes the only heart health supplement containing Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™. This superfruit is known to have the highest quality and concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids, and with healthy heart benefits backed by more than 17 clinical studies.

UBN KETONOMICS® proprietary formulations have been clinically shown to improve brain health, including memory, cognition, focus, and neuro-energy. UBN is pursuing intellectual property license opportunities for monetizing its IP portfolio of multiple issued and pending patents.

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