Himalaya Technologies a/k/a Homeland Resources Ltd. (OTC: HMLA) announces it filed an amended Form 10-12G/A on November 8, 2021, in response to SEC comments requesting additional disclosures regarding its registration of its common shares filed two weeks earlier. The Company is now fully audited for the past two years as per regulatory requirements for registration. The amended filing, which should bring HMLA effective as a fully SEC reporting Company on or around November 26, 2021, can be found at:

The Company recently regained compliance with the State of Nevada and changed its name to “Himalaya Technologies, Inc.” from “Homeland Resources Ltd.” to reflect a new chapter of growth. Since the amended filing, regulators have provided no additional comments.
As part of the Company’s new growth strategy, the Company is updating investors on its numerous growth initiatives:

In July 2021, the Company acquired 100% of KANAB CORP. owner and operator of https://www.kanab.club/ from FOMO CORP. (OTC: FOMC) and its affiliates setting the stage for a new model in cannabis social networking which management believes no other major social media Company is able to or will be able to address for the foreseeable future pending federal legalization of cannabis.

In the past month, the Company, still in due diligence on transactions, agreed to acquire 100% of OTC WATCH LLC (https://otc.watch/) for 19.9% ownership of Himalaya to offer a new model of social media and stock information to drive traffic and provide transparency to the Street. The business will be run as a wholly-owned subsidiary with a drop-down into Kanab Club as a cannabis stock chat center for the world. Additionally, Himalaya has agreed to a 19.9% stock investment in GenBio, Inc. (https://genbioinc.com/), a USA Company providing proprietary anti-inflammatory supplements and immune-boosting formulae that fight COVID and other diseases including high blood pressure. Other investments in the AgTech complex are underway that use patented artificial intelligence (“AI”) to solve food supply chain issues and address the food drought afflicting the country. Terms and conditions, pending, would include the issuance of Series B Preferred Shares convertible into a total of 60% of the Company post potential closings. Today the Company has approximately 117 million common shares issued and outstanding.

Said Vik Grover, CEO: “We are building Himalaya Technologies, Inc. into a powerful portfolio of health and wellness including cannabis social media, nutraceutical products, and agriculture AI-based technology. Besides completing and launching Kanab Club out of open beta in 2022, we plan a rollout of a “FOMO” canned beverage to major retailers and establishments after formulation and pre-launch distribution programs are completed. GenBio is in the formulation phase of their superfruit and honey supplements to liquify them and turn them into a consumer drink offering anti-inflammatory and other benefits including fighting acute myocarditis. We are also in late-stage discussions with an industry executive formerly employed by 7-11 who works with major retailers and co-packers to create a manufacturing and distribution platform for the planned “FOMO” can in 2022. Our affiliate FOMO CORP. recently filed for trademark protection on “FOMO” for the beverage market and other domains and is targeted to assign this FOMO can branding opportunity to Himalaya. AgTech is another area of great interest that could provide additional value as an investment. We will soon launch our corporate website to provide additional information to investors. Himalaya is ready to come out, launch a new ecosystem in health and wellness, and enter a new chapter.”

Himalaya’s affiliate Company, FOMO CORP. (OTC: FOMC), currently holds 150,000 Series B Preferred Shares convertible into common shares of HMLA and fifty million HMLA common stock purchase warrants issued for advisory services.

About Himalaya Technologies, Inc.

Himalaya Technologies, Inc. a/k/a Homeland Resources Ltd. is a health and wellness incubator making growth investments. The Company currently owns KANAB CORP., owner and operator of https://www.kanab.club/, and aspires to create a global health and wellness community offering consumer products and services and indoor agriculture technology.