Wall Street Signals: JZZ Technologies, Inc. Joins with GenBio, Inc., Nutrific, and NutraEdge Biosciences Corp. to Create New Bioscience Products Company Focused on Breakthrough Therapeutic Products and Research

JZZ Technologies, Inc. Joins with GenBio, Inc., Nutrific, and NutraEdge Biosciences Corp. to Create New Bioscience Products Company Focused on Breakthrough Therapeutic Products and Research


JZZ Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) has signed a Letter Of Intent (LOI) to join with biotech company GenBio, Inc., and bioscience company Nutrific of Aliso Viejo, California, to create a new business venture in the Life Extension and Longevity sector. The new entity, which will operate under the NutraEdge Biosciences Corp. brand, contemplates utilizing product development, research, and existing human resources of GenBio, Inc., and Nutrific in its pursuit of therapeutics for various medical ailments and age-related health issues.

Under the terms, JZZ Technologies, Inc. will acquire 100% ownership of NutraEdge Biosciences Corp.

GenBio Inc. and Nutrific are focused on rapidly developing a new range of natural extracts to enhance health. GenBio CSO, Professor Lindsay Brown, a former Professor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Australia, leads the research of the company's formulations and products.

Professor Brown is a Fellow of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Science with 35 years of scientific research that encompasses an emphasis on drugs acting on the heart and associated Rific blood vessels and endocrine organs.

GenBio CEO Giles Tilley has been involved with and directed international research into rare extracts since 2010 and initially worked alongside the pioneering investigational scientific teams who made a major medical breakthrough with a natural extract. He then amassed further worldwide research with other scientific teams who were also investigating specific properties for the same new, disruptive molecular platforms for pain relief, anti-inflammation, and age-related health issues.

In 2014, Mr. Tilley was the first person to bring the rare extract to the United States for further phytochemical research. The subsequent medical findings, which have global implications for medication, make it imperative to take the research through an Investigational New Drug (IND) Program and into licensing. GenBio, Inc. intends to be the first company in the world to isolate and fractionate core molecules based on its remarkable findings.

Nutrific continues to refine an entirely new range of never seen before nutraceuticals for various medical ailments, immune boost, and human life extension in this area.

The venture between JZZ Technologies, Inc. and NutraEdge Bioscience Corp. will focus on three prolific target markets with significant projected growth over the next decade:

Anti-inflammatory Market: Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics, estimated at US$97.8 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$130.9 Billion by 2026.

Pain Management Market: The global pain management drugs market was valued at $71,431.85 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $91,649.16 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 3.8% from 2020 to 2027.

Anti-aging Market: From $194.4 billion in 2020, the global market for anti-aging treatments is set to cross $422.8 billion by 2030, at an 8.6% CAGR between 2021 and 2030.

The new NutraEdge Biosciences brand venture will focus initially on five therapeutic products in these well-defined medical categories:

  • Anti-aging
  • Heart Health
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Immune Support
  • Obesity

All of the healthcare products to be introduced on an expedited basis will include the following criteria:

  • Novel rare extracts
  • Bioactive Australian Honey
  • Manufacturing protocols to ensure the integrity of active enzymes and molecules and are not compromised
  • Backed by peer-reviewed scientific journals

The way to NutraEdge Biosciences Corp.s' proceeding with the procedure is its solid spotlight on the commercialization of the five introductory remedial items upheld by very much planned market improvement techniques with worldwide application. This sets out the freedom to address gigantic undiscovered spaces of the objective business sectors and give commercialization of its items, related exploration, and "spin-off" wellbeing items. 

JZZ Technologies will sort out for funding to start the examination and progress improvement of items under the NutraEdge Biosciences Corp. umbrella. JZZ Technologies additionally expects to utilize its whole framework of computerized showcasing stages to support the rollout and ceaseless business utilization of items. 

Giles Tilley, CEO of GenBio, Inc. states, "This new permitting adventure with JZZ Technologies, as imagined, will give us a quick decisive advantage over the commercialization of our advancement nutraceutical equations. These are significant, conceivably extraordinary items focused on tremendous normal medical services markets. We have a solid foundation in the early definition and advancement of uncommon, to a great extent obscure bioactive concentrates. JZZ Technologies carries an entirely different aspect to our business through their financing capacities with admittance to capital business sectors, just as exclusive deals and promoting channels. We are all around adjusted to supplement the JZZ Technologies' plan of action and anticipate enormous and fast advancement as our new pursuit dispatches, alongside a rewarding organization." 

Charles Cardona, CEO of JZZ Technologies, Inc., expressed, "We are exceptionally eager to be working with the elite group that GenBio, Inc., Nutrific, and NutraEdge Biosciences Corp. offer of real value. Our center is going about as a stage to convey items that might possibly further develop life quality and add to the human life span. We are certain that the NutraEdge Biosciences adventure will play an industry-driving job in this significant space."

Management expects that the transaction will close at the conclusion of a standard 30-day due diligence period.

About GenBio Inc.

Based in Aliso Viejo, California, GenBio, Inc. (www.genbioinc.com) is an early-stage biotechnology company researching novel therapeutics from a variety of extracts. Based on recent US research, the company has created an Investigational New Drug (IND) research program from novel natural compounds that are highly effective as anti-inflammatory agents. CSO, Professor Lindsay Brown, is a renowned international researcher leading GenBio's product development and research. The company also has access to other global scientific teams that are investigating specific properties for the same new, disruptive molecular platforms for pain relief, anti-inflammation, and age-related healthcare issues.

About JZZ Technologies, Inc.

JZZ Technologies, Inc. is a diversified technology company rolling up projects and partnerships in two distinct business sectors that operate cohesively; its digital media business includes online media and apps (activelifestylemedia.com), content creation, digital marketing, streaming video content, publishing, and free over-the-air television (EyeOnTV) targeted at active adults 55+. The Company's other business is focused on strategic biotechnology and bioscience acquisitions related to Human Life Extension and Human Longevity that can be immediately leveraged to support improved quality of life for aging populations.

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