Wall Street Signals: Marketing WorldWide Corporation Launches 3-Part Plan To Expand Near-Term Operations

Marketing WorldWide Corporation Launches 3-Part Plan To Expand Near-Term Operations

Marketing Worldwide Corporation, (OTC PINK: MWWC) launches a 3-part plan to expand operations.

Part I: Commercial Mining Operation

Marketing Worldwide Corporation has officially contracted its first medium-scale crypto-currency mining operation, which will mine Bitcoin through the Minosis platform pool. This Commercial operation consists of Bitmain Antminer SJ19 Pro units that operate at 104T/H [actual average hash-rate has been clocked at 110T/H or +6T/H above original hash-rate projections] of mining capacity with approximately 3,250 kw/h of power consumed per unit.

At the time of this release, the price of Bitcoin was $63,007.48 per #BTC

Utilizing the https://www.cryptocompare.com/ calculator feature this is the information that can be derived from profit potentials of the Commercial Mining Operation on a PER UNIT BASIS.

**Per the illustration above, conservative profit projections are $20,466.00 or (.33) of #BTC generated per month.

Marketing Worldwide has taken possession of an existing warehouse storefront and is evaluating its use for the 15,000 Sq Ft commercial facility; the department store is already outfitted with 2400 Amp power and 12' high ceilings. "If Marketing Worldwide wants to rent out increased hash rate on the Minosis platform, then it only makes sense for us to dip our toes into the commercial crypto mining industry and stake our claim. This facility could easily accommodate up to Sixty (60) Antiminer SJ19 Pro(s) and Three Hundred (300) Mini-Doge/LTC Miners," explained CEO Jason Schlenk.

Additional information regarding the new commercial location will be announced via social media from the official Twitter account @MWWCOfficial in the near future.

Part II: Non-Dilutive Line of Credit

Marketing Worldwide has procured a non-dilutive line of credit up to $1.5 Million USD which can be utilized for marketing, further development of the Minosis platform, and the acquisition of additional ASIC Miners to establish MWWC as a Commercial Mining Operation. The line of credit carries an interest rate of 5% APR and is available on request.

MWWC CEO Jason Schlenk states, "As the Company grows into its new endeavors, we can rest easy knowing that we won't have any capital restrictions preventing us from achieving our short-term goals, and the shareholders won't have to worry about toxic financing or convertible debts."

Part III: Minosis Support and Integration:

The Company launched the testing version of the Minosis mining platform just over a week ago, allowing random registered users access into the dashboard to test the Minosis Agent and the mining process, as well as, the functionality of the portal. To date, the company has received some extremely valuable input to fix memory leakage with the majority of user feedback being positive. As the applications continue to develop, the Company will incorporate in the Minosis Teams and Minosis Pool functions, which should appear in mid-stage testing in late November or early December.

"One of the fundamental keys to the Minosis platform is the continued development of the Minosis Teams and Minosis Pool features. These two attributes are what make Minosis unique, and the proprietary technology brings exponential value to our business model", said CEO Jason Schlenk.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @MWWCOfficial

SOURCE: Marketing Worldwide Corp. ("MWWC")