Wall Street Signals: Cybersecurity in Orbit: $SOLS Sollensys Signs ETA Space

Cybersecurity in Orbit: $SOLS Sollensys Signs ETA Space

Sollensys Corp (OTCQB: SOLS), one of the first major cyber security companies specializing in ransomware recovery built on blockchain technology, announced today a new customer deal with Eta Space, the cryogenic propellant management company building service depots in space to advance our space economy infrastructure. The deal lays a path to keep important test data - expected to be in orbit by 2024 - safe from the threat of hacking. The announcement was made by Sollensys CEO Don Beavers and Eta Space CEO Bill Notardonato, a 30- year NASA veteran.

To accomplish a completely working space economy we not just have to address taking care of and lodging the bold spearheading space laborers yet securely shipping them also. The association between Eta Space and Sollensys will utilize the first blockchain-based online protection wellbeing net to defeat the dangers of ransomware and information deficit in space.

Estimated time of arrival Space has won two significant improvement grants from NASA to propel their work in further developing efficiencies in plan and activity for cryogenic force the executive's frameworks. One of their head orbital test stages is LOXSAT, which is a particular mission zeroed in on facilitating how we might interpret how super chilly fluids, like cryogenic oxygen, act in space and without a trace of gravity.

Sollensys by and by sends its innovation to keep on-planet monetary, government, clinical and different businesses protected from ransomware. As opposed to beginning with vulnerable endpoints, Sollensys starts with getting a duplicate of what the programmers need most to hold prisoner and degenerate: associations' advanced protected innovation and functional information. Sollensys exists to guarantee organizations never pay a payoff and their business can proceed quickly by defending a permanent and uncorrupted duplicate of their basic information.

"The mission of Sollensys is to make a cutting edge blockchain network protection organization that makes the world - and presently space - more secure for us all by making a

ransomware wellbeing net with our blockchain chronicle server," said Don Beavers, CEO of Sollensys Corp. "We are respected that ETA Space picked our innovation answer to defend their strategic information."

About Sollensys

Sollensys Corp is a math, science, technology, and engineering solutions company offering products that ensure its clients' data integrity through the collection, storage, and transmission. Our innovative flagship product is the Blockchain Archive Server, a turnkey, off-the-shelf, blockchain solution that works with virtually any hardware and software combinations currently used in commerce, without the need to replace or eliminate any part of the client's data security that is being utilized. The Company recently introduced its second product offering-the Regional Service Center which offers small businesses the same state of the art technology previously available only to large or very well-funded companies.

For more information please visit https://www.sollensys.com.

About ETA Space

Eta Space was founded in 2019 by former NASA and contractor personnel with over 130 years of combined experience in CFM. The company is looking to leverage this experience to develop in-space propellant depots to enable the next phase of commercial space exploration. Eta Space is also actively developing several other cryogenic energy systems, including LOX/LH2 depots in orbit and on the Moon, lunar mobility systems, cryogenic ground support equipment for launch applications, and hydrogen energy systems for Earth applications.

For more information please visit: https://etaspace.com