Wall Street Signals: Exxe Group, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AXXA) Is Generating Record Revenue In Tech, Media, Real Estate, and Fintech Businesses Through Major Acquisitions

Exxe Group, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AXXA) Is Generating Record Revenue In Tech, Media, Real Estate, and Fintech Businesses Through Major Acquisitions


Exxe Group, Inc. (OTC: AXXA) is a diversified fintech corporation focusing on acquisitions in the following sectors: real estate, sustainable technology, media, agribusiness, and financial services. The AXXA strategy is to acquire controlling equity interests in undervalued companies and undertake an active role in improving their performance by accelerating their growth by providing access to capital and management expertise.

Some key points about AXXA:

– Acquisition Based Company Operating in Real Estate, Sustainable Technology, Media, Agribusiness, and Financial Services.

– Currently Strengthening Company Balance Sheet by Reducing Aged Debt and Potential Share Count. 

– December 2021 Quarterly Revenue Jumped by 53.1% to New Record $14.2M vs. 2020 Results. 

– Net Income Soared to Record $3.4M, Up 41.8% From Dec 2020 Qtr. 

AXXA Moves to Reduce Debt, Adjust Future Share Count, Enhancing Shareholder Value

On March 9th AXXA announced that it is in the process of strengthening its balance sheet by reducing, eliminating, or adjusting aged debt, thereby increasing equity and shareholder value, along with lessening potential future share count.

AXXA management has identified up to $20 million of aged debt carrying the first half of 2022 maturities that shall be amended via conversion into restricted preferred equity or into debt with maturities to extend additional 36 months. In conjunction with the balance sheet enhancements, AXXA plans to limit stock issuances during June 2022 quarter. These steps are designed to positively affect AXXA and its investors. First, debt reduction and simultaneous equity conversion should translate into a greater equity value and reduced liabilities. Second, completing a limited stock issuance in one transaction should reduce potential multiple additions to the share count and increase confidence in the overall business model.

Similarly, as with the repayment, the AXXA objective is to wipe out up to $4M of gathered interest and long-haul obligations. Up to $8M or almost 10% of complete remarkable obligation is intended to be changed over to limited favored value. Interestingly, just a restricted issuance is arranged in the June 2022 draft period addressing under 1% of complete obligations. This occasion will diminish potential future offer shades versus the finishing of numerous exchanges during the period. AXXA accepts that this obligation rebuilding will place the organization in a more grounded capital design, possibly opening up more noteworthy private value and land obtaining potential open doors.

AXXA organizations that are focused on obligation recapitalizations or resource redistributions incorporate Hemp and Agribusiness supplier Flying Creek division(FCD), energy items supplier Lucent Led Tech(LLT), AXXA Digital Communities(ADC), as well as AXXA Autoparts, M MOTO division(AMD). Before very long, the executives will conclude explicit changes for these organizations and perhaps other AXXA-related divisions. These progressions incorporate shifting rates of obligation decrease and the rest into confined favored value. The excess current obligation segment terms will be stretched into future development dates.

Record Revenue and Net Income for December 2021 Quarter – 

On February 16th, AXXA announced its three-month and nine-month results for the period ended December 31st, 2021.

Financial Highlights – 

AXXA generated record quarterly results for both revenue and net income for the period. Revenue for the December 2021 quarter (3Q22) was $14,181,451 compared with $9,263,526 for the same period a year ago and $13,279,551 for 2Q22, which ended just ninety days earlier. As illustrated in the table above, revenue jumped by 53.1% year-over-year while net income rose by 41.8% to $3,390,829 versus $2,390,785 last year. Net income enjoyed a 17.2% increase on a sequential basis compared to September 2021 (2Q22), resulting in a strong 24% net profit margin.

For the nine month period, revenue grew by 62.2% to $38,483,715, up from $23,723,944, while net income jumped by 56.3% to $7,816,993, as compared with $4,999,146.

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